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Rabu, 30 Juni 2010

Inspiration Black and White Kitchen Interior Design from French by Mobalpa

modern combination white and black kitchen interior designModern wooden kitchen designHere are some inspirational black and white kitchens from French kitchen maker Mobalpa. something kitchen design with combination black and white colors kitchen can be elegant, enigmatic and can give a inspiration room to your home. Decorating a black and white kitchen requires a good eye for balance and

Selasa, 29 Juni 2010

Luxury Bed Modern Design by Alf Group Furniture Italy

Luxury Bed Modern DesignLuxury Bed Modern DesignHere is luxury bed design inspiration by alf group italy furniture manufacturers. luxury floating bed ideas from the company was named as “Aladino Up”, a suspended platform bedroom set with nice touches like the upholstered grid patterned headboard, soft touch closing drawers, and orthopedic slats that cushion the platform frame for a

DIY Tables by Goncalo Campos

image   image

I love the genius of product design. The series of tables designed by Goncalo Campos, are made only using two basic materials, fabric and wood, the most commonly used materials in most households They are designed to be assembled with no glues or external fixtures, other than fabric, using a simple construction technique - they look primitive but at the same time very elegant. I can see the possibilities using beautiful woods, such as ebony, walnut, or perhaps fumed wood, and coordinating the fabric to match the colors and mood of your room. They would make wonderful conversation pieces for a wedding, or summer lawn party.

Images Courtesy of Gonçalo Campos. Goncalo Campos is a Portuguese designer, born in 1986. Graduated in product design in 2008, after which joined Fabrica team, for a year and created a series of  of tables which were featured in the exhibition Mais que Partes (More Than Parts), shown in the Fabrica features shop in Lisbon.

Fumed wood veneers – White Ebony

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 Dedon Lifestyle Advertising What are you doing this summer

I love the new lifestyle advertising campaign that the Dutch company Dedon, a manufacturer of outdoor furnishings, has launched.  You may have seen the ads for this Dedon campaign in some of the recent Design magazines - Dedon is selling their furniture as lifestyle.  DEDON takes its collaboration with legendary American fashion photographer Bruce Weber to a next level with the publication of a new book Coming Home, a sumptuously produced, limited edition book. Building on themes that Weber developed for the current DEDON advertising campaign, Coming Home is an exploration into the meaning of home and the feelings we hold for it. Personal, poetic and eclectic, the book weaves together exclusive imagery by Bruce Weber with artwork and illustrations specially commissioned by the photographer. Watch the Dedon movie in large format here, or on YouTube here.  The music and imagery are spectacular.  The movie starts with a quote from the movie Out of Africa - the words of Denys Finch Hatton, played by Robert Redford: “I don’t want to live someone else’s idea of how to live.”

Dedon Lifestyle Advertising  

Dedon Lifestyle Advertising

Dedon Lifestyle Advertising

Dedon Lifestyle Advertising 
A multilevel treehouse, a cast and crew of 60 people with legendary fashion photographer Bruce Weber keeping it all together.

Dedon Lifestyle Advertising

When I first saw the Dedon ad campaign, by Bruce Webber I was mesmerized by it.  Some people I have talked to just don’t get it. 
After all Bruce Webber was the photographer for the controversial ad campaign for Calvin Klein in the 90’s, and
Webber also photographed a shirtless Chris Isaak in bed for a fashion spread in Rolling Stone
Dedon says about Coming Home “…….it is an exploration into the meaning of home and the feelings we hold for it.”
I say that ‘Furniture IS Lifestyle’ and has as much of a message to say about how we live as Fashion does!

What do you think about ‘Lifestyle Advertising?’  Leave your comment here.

 PG Dedon 1 Article AD SpainPG Dedon 2 Article AD Spain 
PG Dedon 4 Article AD SpainPG Dedon 3 Article AD Spain
Postscript:  These are scans from a Spanish magazine that my friend and fellow blogger Ivan Meade sent to me after I published this article.

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Family Room Preview...Almost There!

The curtains have been hung and the built-ins are almost complete, just a few more finishing touches and I promise I'll be sharing pictures of my (mostly) finished family room later on this week. Stay tuned!{And please forgive the hideous utility boxes in plain view through the window -- the backyard is next on the "to do" list!}

Decorating Ideas For Young Teen's Bedrooms

Decorating children's bedrooms can be fun, but once your kids reach a certain age you may find there are vast differences between what they like and what you like and that includes the cost!

They're no doubt be after the latest on-trend 'must-have' which will cost an arm and a leg, whilst you'll be looking for value for money and hard wearing, durable fabrics and materials!

Neutral walls and flooring will be a better plan than bubblegum pink or primary blue. You have so many options to add colour in where it can be easily changed, such as the window dressing, that it is better to leave the walls and flooring a neutral canvas that will easily blend into new designs later down the line. If your young teen wants hot pink curtains to match their bedspread then go with it, next year they'll probably want lime green curtains and new duvet cover sets!

Besides, try having the final say on decorating your teen's bedroom! The older they get, the more difficult it is to decorate their bedrooms and the more toys/books/clothes etc. etc. they will have to be stored away - making storage a key planning essential. Furthermore, their rooms become multi-functional and not only will they need it for sleep but for entertaining friends, doing their homework and generally to have seek refuge from moaning mums and dads!

Image: Small Place Style

Senin, 28 Juni 2010

Top modern bathtub design interior by pearl

modern bathtub design interiorHere is bathtub design by pearl, as comfort is considered top priority at Pearl, Eterne features ingeniously integrated armrests that are perfectly positioned for extra ease and support. Pearl allows you to custom design your at-home spa experience by combining the benefits of five therapies : air therapy, hydrotherapy, heat therapy, chromatherapy and

Top Interior Green Kitchen Design by Mint Value Kitchens

top interior design kitchentop interior design kitchenHere is a very attractive design in green kitchen a set of red, brown, black and white and orange kitchens, here is a post dedicated to green kitchens. These kitchens inspire healthy living, not only because of their subtle hues but also because of their designs. The color green signals wealth, prosperity and growth. What better place to

Yes please

I came across this chair at Z Gallerie.  So many things I love about it.  Modern wingback, beautiful blue leather and nailhead detail.  What's not to love??

Mood Board Monday

I'm kicking off this week with another Mood Board Monday courtesy of Sarah at Pewter+Sage. This round, Sarah has asked her readers to create mood boards inspired by one of three summery bedding sets. Now bedding is a great jumping off point for pulling together a bedroom and the three options Sarah proposed were all wonderful examples of that. I chose the Bohemian Medallion duvet from Urban

Minggu, 27 Juni 2010

Adding some much needed curb appeal

I am in the midst of improving my front door area to make it more inviting.  It needed some serious help and it's still a work in progress! Of course I somehow managed to delete my before pictures so all I've got are the afters.  So far I have painted the front door a deep blue in Georgian Bay (Benjamin Moore), added some pretty flowers and my new twig lanterns I blogged about the other day. 

Kamis, 24 Juni 2010

twig outdoor lanterns

I found these cool lanterns at Homesense the other day.  I thought the texture was great and they will make a great addition to my front door area.  Gotta love Homesense!

Whats Hot? Fuego Outdoor Living Grill

I am in the process of designing an outdoor patio for clients. It is a challenging project as well as being very exacting, with a lot of technical details to take into consideration (gas lines, water lines, electrical panel load limits, permit approvals, etc), before I can even start on the ‘pretty stuff.’ This outdoor patio is on the roof of a penthouse, with a spectacular view of the ocean, mountains, and city of Vancouver. It is a breathtaking 130 feet in length, and is probably larger than most people’s back yards. 

Every once in awhile I come across a new and innovatively designed product that causes me to stop and take notice, and with a sigh of relief, that I have found an esthetically pleasing alternative to a category of product design that generally leaves my visual sensibilities assaulted. Finally an outdoor grill (notice that it is not referred to as a BBQ - ‘Grill’ is the operative new terminology), that shakes up tradition, and is beautiful to look at. “A campfire for modernists,” “a social magnet with a great sense of style.” Attaching a label to this Fuego outdoor living grill is trickier than throwing a salmon – wild, rubbed with herbs and spices – on an open flame. As well as Fuego being a top rated grill, it has a modernist design aesthetic with sleek-lined minimalism. One that I wouldn’t mind gracing my clients’ patio.

Fuego Outdoor Living Grill 
Fuego Catalogue

Fuego Outdoor Living Grill 
Fuego Grill 01

What do you think?  Would you like to have this Fuego grill gracing your patio?
I’ll take the pool!

PATRICIA GRAY INC is an award winning interior design firm writing about lifestyle and
WHAT'S HOT in the world of interior design, architecture, art and travel.
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Shop Like a Design Blogger: Chinoiserie Chic

Today I'm honored to welcome Beth of Chinoiserie Chic (and Style Redux) for another installment of my Shop like a Design Blogger series. Beth is perhaps the first friend I made through blogging. We both started our blogs at about the same time and it's been so much fun to watch each other's blogs grow and evlove. She's been a great source of inspiration, support and encouragement for me since day

Rabu, 23 Juni 2010

My Style in One Picture

{Jeneration Interiors}Last week Ally at From the Right Bank... challenged her readers to post one picture that thoroughly encapsulated their style. Intrigued, I set out to find my own picture...and it was a lot harder than I had initially expected. While I blog constantly about rooms and homes that inspire and awe me in some way, shape or form, I found it really hard to find a single room that

Selasa, 22 Juni 2010

Style Essential: Stripes

Mary McDonald As most of you know, I'm a huge fan of using pattern in interior spaces and one of my favorite patterns to use are simple stripes. Sure, bold zig zags or suzanis are wonderful, but stripes are timeless, and a wonderful partner to florals, polka dots, ikats -- and yes, zig zags and suzanis, too. In addition to their ability to seamlessly work with almost any other pattern and in any

Choosing Blue For Beautiful Bedrooms

Blue is one of the most calming of all colours and can be very easy to work with. Modern and contemporary homes are looking more and more to the qualities of blues such as navy, teal, azure and cobalt.

Like green, the colour blue reminds us of outdoor spaces and nature - specifically our skies and various bodies of water. This connection can also give answers as to why blue is so calming - dreamy blue skies and soothing water therapies. Our contemporary blues do have a tendency to steer towards ocean and aquatic blues that have a gentle shimmer to them.

The many different shades of blue can carry various colours but to stay on trend you should keep things simple with cool neutrals such as a light grey or a pale pink which will lighten darker blues.

Smoky and blue-grey tones are so very now and the best colour for a sophisticated bedroom. Go with a few different shades and give the bedspread or curtains a sheen fabric for added depth and interest. On the contrary, young adults or teens might prefer a more fun approach with bold blues. Make the most of it by adding an accent colour such as hot pink curtains and accessories.

Turquoise is this year's most trendy colour choice and is a blue-green shade. In fact, we are seeing a lot of natural blue-green shades right now and they are definitely the way forward for an ultra modern bedroom interior. Bright and subtle tones are equally on trend and smoky blues are favoured for a more sophisticated edge - well matched with cool neutrals.

Image: House of Turquoise

Senin, 21 Juni 2010

10% off at Rugs USA!

If you enjoyed Janell's recent guest post in the Shop like a Design Blogger series, then you'll be excited to hear that Rugs USA has offered Odi et Amo readers 10% off their entire order from now until July 4th. Simply enter coupon code WINRUGS at check-out.I've been searching for a rug for my master bedroom for some time now so I'm off to check out their inventory. Happy shopping!

Jumat, 18 Juni 2010

Superb spaces by James Michael Howard

Have a good weekend!

Vacation Recap: Scotland, Part 3

{Inverness, Scotland}[Note: This is a continuation of the recap of my recent trip to the United Kingdom. To view Part 1, click HERE. To view Part 2, click HERE.]Day 7. After a nearly a week in London, we caught a plane to Inverness, the unofficial capital of the Highlands. That evening, we were able to take full advantage of the long Scottish summer days and walk around the city. Situated on the

Pretty Summer Pastels

Pastels colours are rather like Marmite, you either love them or hate them! However, the newest sherbet colours bridge the gap between the palest of pastels and the more intense colours of bright bolds rather effectively and of course sherbets are right on-trend!

There will be rooms within the home that can carry off a completely pastel or sherbet palette such as the bedroom and the bathroom. These spaces should be easy on the eye and relaxing - something that a pastel can achieve in an instant. Duck egg blue bedding works well when teamed with cream or ivory for a chic refined look which is up market and more formal.

More livable rooms such as the lounge and dining space may work better when you add a punch of neon colour such as lime green curtains to a pastel backdrop.

Pretty pastels can be used in the bathroom to create a soft and relaxing place to relax and de-stress. For a coastal look experiment with light shades of blues and greens that will look all the more crisp when paired with white wood and fixtures. Choose accessories carefully, as your don't want the style to vie for attention with the colours; peaceful tranquillity is desired look.

Image: Delight By Design

Kamis, 17 Juni 2010

Shop Like a Design Blogger: Isabella and Max Rooms

I'm thrilled this week to welcome Janell of Isabella & Max Rooms here to Odi et Amo, who will be sharing with us a number of sources that are completely new to me. Janell's blog is a neverending source of eye candy for me as the steady progress she's made decorating her lovely Portland home leaves me breathless. Janell's boundless creativity and energy are so inspiring.* * *Thanks for asking me

Selasa, 15 Juni 2010

Feeling the yellow vibe

I am on a huge yellow kick right now.  Maybe it's the lack of sunshine here in Vancouver (yes, I'm whining about the weather again).  Or it might have been fellow blogger Erica from Moth Design and her beautiful outdoor oasis that prompted this.   Whatever it may be I'm definitely feelin' it.imperial trellis in citrineJenna Lyons apartment Domino magTonic LivingWest Elmcourtesy of Dominocourtesy

Palm Springs-Inspired Soiree

{iomoi}Today Catherine has invited me over to The Shiny Pebble for a smashing summer soiree -- and I'd love for the rest of you to join me over there for the festivities. In honor of the occasion, I thought I'd throw together a bit of a pre-party before Catherine's formal event. To celebrate the onset of summer, I'll be throwing Palm Springs-inspired outdoor party (preferably by a beautiful pool)

Style Essential: Grasscloth

Ashley Whittaker With my newfound obsession with wallpaper now in full swing, I can't help but turn my attention to all the beautiful grasscloths available on the market today. Grasscloth is a great option if you're trying bring warmth, texture and/or character to your home. And, unlike many prints and patterns, it's a timeless choice that will work with you as trends and your tastes inevitably

Jazz Up Your Living Space With A By-Gone Era

Trying a new design style in your home is a great way of adding a new lease of life to a tired looking interior without having the expense and upheaval of moving home.

Try styles inspired by past eras which fit in with the style of your home and your lifestyle. With so many great ideas around at the moment there is no one style which is deemed better than another. Interior design is all part experimenting and trying new things, mixing and matching if you so wish, just as long as you remember to keep to the basic principles of design.

For Art Deco inspiration we have a very useful guide on how to get the look - but to inspire you further don't hesitate to spend a night in watching old Hollywood films from the late twenties and early thirties.

No interior designer can forget the influence of early Hollywood and jazz - shiny fabrics, low lighting, highly polished wood, cocktail cabinets and mirrors. Ultimately in a time of depression - Art Deco offered a little luxury and opulence to the regular family home; which seems pretty apt for the current economic situation!

Both wall lights, floor lamps and table lamps UK were popular - look for geometric shapes and sandblasted glass. Scour antique shops for female figurine table lamps that were a Hollywood influence.

Image: Decorology

Senin, 14 Juni 2010

love love love

I know this room has been blogged about before but it is still one of my favourite rooms.  I love the simplicity of it.  It is such a soothing, inviting space.  The photographer Heather Ross who took this photograph for Canadian House and Home magazine also has a beautiful home decor store in Vancouver. She carries a mix of modern to antique finds and is a very talented individual!  Heather is

Vacation Recap: England, Part 2

[Note: This post is a continuation of the recap of my recent trip to the United Kingdom. To view part 1, go HERE.]Day 4. After a rainy, dreary Saturday, we awoke to a beautiful Sunday morning so we decided to head out of London for the second time to enjoy the gorgeous weather at Hampton Court in Richmond. Hampton Court was originally the private home of Cardinal Wolsey in the early 16th century

Minggu, 13 Juni 2010

Minimalist Japanese Bedroom Interior Design with graceful furniture

japanese design modern bedroom furniturejapanese modern bedroom furniture designjapanese simple modern bedroom furniturejapanese style modern bedroom furnitureMinimalist Japanese Bedroom Interior Design with graceful furniture. Japanese home interior have a minimalist design concept with clear color, naturalism, and traditional decoration. Color style in Japanese interior design using red,

Jumat, 11 Juni 2010

Vacation Recap: England, Part 1

I've finally managed to sort through the hundreds of photos I took of our recent trip and I thought I'd share some of my favorites here on the blog. I recognize that sharing the web-equivalent of a lengthy slide show of family vacation photos isn't exactly exciting stuff -- or really what this blog is about. But bear with me and I'll try and keep things lively and, in the interest of not boring

What Gives Your Bedroom The 'Wow' Factor?

If you have a fairly sleek bedroom and want to give it more of the 'wow' factor, consider one piece of furniture or a wall decoration that makes heads turn. An armchair that is an unusual shape and with a chosen accent colour. Taking one wall and giving it new life with a daring wallpaper print would also be a good option.

If you insist on having neutral colours in the bedroom then why not warm things up by choosing a monochrome scheme in shades of black and white. With the right choice of fabrics and black and white bedding you can make a relaxing retreat - go with all things soft to touch such as cashmere or Chinese silk. A simple graphic print on bedding will add more depth and interest to the final look.

Perhaps you need more space? It can be that you are looking to re-decorate with new colours and fabrics or even update furniture and/or the flooring.

You could also install spotlights above the bed for extra light on the evening. Try to choose colours and patterns that are not too dark, demanding or 'busy'. Neutrals and pastels in block colours or with a fine pattern will be the best option to give the appearance of more light and space.

Image: Decorology

Kamis, 10 Juni 2010

Summer Lonny Mag

To cheer me up while watching the rain this morning,  I drank my latte and spent time with my good friend Lonny magazine.  If anything is going to cheer me up from this horrible spring we're having, it's a latte and a good magazine!  Sorry, I really needed to vent about the weather.  Anyway, I fell in love with Lonny Editorial Assistant Ellie Somerville's fantastic rental suite in NYC.  I am

Shop Like a Design Blogger: Haven and Home

Today I'm thrilled to have the charming and talented Marianne from Haven and Home here to share her favorite shops for a few key pieces for every home. While Marianne's knack of selecting gorgeous eye candy has made Haven and Home one of my daily reads, it's Marianne's own design work that really leaves me breathless (did you see the nursery she recently completed over at Pure Style Home?).

Selasa, 08 Juni 2010

30-second recap

Parliament Square, LondonI'm still playing catch up at work (and sleep), so I haven't managed to sift through all the photos yet...or have some developed. [Annoyingly enough, my camera battery died on the second to last day and I had to resort to a disposable camera (and yes, they still make those).] Until I can get around to a full-fledged, proper post, here's a sneak peak:Leeds Castle, County

SJP's home in the Hamptons

We have all seen some great images from Sex and the City 2 but don't you want to see how SJP lives with her kids and husband in real life?  I found some great images on Elle Decor I wanted to share.

Opposite Sides Of The Room

Bohemian doesn't have to resemble the Gypsy style but it can take influence from anything that is different and decorative pieces can be thrown together with disregard to matching colours and patterns. Before we look in more detail, it is worth noting that the Bohemian look will not suit characters who like order and simple lines in the home.

An exact opposite to Bohemian décor would be minimalism - you want to dress up everything and literally cram those books on the shelves or hang wall pictures within a millimetre of each other - the more accessories and those little life mementos on display the better - just don't get confused with kitsch or you'll spoil the desired look!

It might be time to go through old storage and dig out those postcards from faraway places, those elephant sculptures brought back from India or that old plaid Ottoman passed down from your grandmother - your home will be telling your story and will reflect your personality in its purest form. If you want to cheat you can always visit local antique shops, table lamps sale or second hand markets to find new treasures for your home.

Senin, 07 Juni 2010

Para Paint & Sarah Richardson

Sarah Richardson (designer extraordinaire) has created a new line of paint with her partner Para Paints available through Lowe's.  The only problem is that it isn't available on the westcoast! (not yet anyway). She has repainted her own home in some of the shades in this new collection and all I can say is that it's no longer cream on cream on cream as we all know is (was) her signature.  This is

Odi et Amo goes Globetrotting

As I wrap up my real vacation in Scotland today, we're going to wrap up our virtual travels with some serious globetrotting. If you're not completely jet lagged at this point, grab your passports and join me as I recap some of my own favorite vacations (alas, all virtual save for trip to Edinburgh):BarbadosCapriPalm SpringsMexicoEdinburghAnd, of course, thanks again to the three lovely bloggers (

Moderns luxury Interior Design

luxury interior design with the best furniture and luxury wall decorModern and Luxurious Family Room for Interior Designmodern luxurious interior design by geffen apartmentModern Luxury House Design by Kanner Architects

Top Interior Modern Bedroom

Design Interior bedroom inspirationDesign Pink Interior Modern BedroomDesign pool bedroom Modern InteriorInterior Design bedroom inspirationSimple Modern Interior bedroom wall sticker

Minggu, 06 Juni 2010

White Home Interior Modern Design

White Interior livingroom modern DesignWhite Home Interior Designwhite home interiors modernWhite Interior Design Home

Black white Home Interior Design

Black white Home InteriorBlack white Home Interior modernblack and white modern interior design

Furniture Interior Black and White Design

Concept furniture Living Room full width landscapefurniture black white living rooms by ashleyFurniture Interior Black and WhiteFurniture Interior livingroom Black and White by natuzzi frank

Sabtu, 05 Juni 2010

Modern Interiors Desaign

modern interior design black and whiteinteriors modern design by schonbekInterior minimalis Design

Interior minimalis Design

Interior minimalis bedroomInterior minimalis bedroominterior minimalis modern livingroomsinterior minimalis

Jumat, 04 Juni 2010

Interior Modern Minimalis

interior minimalis designminimalis interior designmodern interior design livingroommodern minimalis living room

Closets to die for

I dream of walk in closets like these!  Prerequisites:  chandelier, bench, good lighting and girly details.courtesy of decorpadcourtesy of decorpadcourtesy of Canadian House and Homecourtesy of Canadian House and Homecourtesy of Canadian House and Homecourtesy of InStyle

The Decorista goes to Los Cabos

Today our travels take us far to the southwest, to Los Cabos, Mexico, along the Baja penninsula. Our guide today is the lovely Ashlina, from the blog The Decorista. This wildly stylish blogger will be sharing some of her own secrets to vacation bliss. Pack your swimsuits and plenty of suntan lotion -- it's gonna be a great trip!* * *Hello all of you lovely readers of Odi et Amo! It's Ashlina here

Kamis, 03 Juni 2010

My favourite thing this week

Found these at Anthropologie.  So pretty.

Shop Like a Design Blogger: Journey Chic

Today's guest blogger is Laura from JourneyChic. Laura was one of my earliest followers (and I suppose I was, in turn, one of her earliest followers). I immediately liked Laura for her intelligent writing, her love of travel, and her innate sense of style. It's been a pleasure following her blog the past year or so and getting to know Laura in turn. Laura and her husband are expecting their first

Getting The Shabby Chic Look

The furniture that you will bring into your home will be very important but let's not forget that existing furniture can be played around with to get the desired look. More often than not, wood is the primary material used in furniture but it gets a makeover with several layers of paint - not forgetting the aged look of chips and a little wear and tear. You can create this look yourself by sanding or distressing the top layer of paint to show the wood or other paint layers underneath.

Furniture should be comfortable as it is no good just choosing pieces for the purpose of looking great if they are going to make you feel stiff and rigid when sitting. Shabby chic is very cosy and should invite you to curl up on the sofa with a good book or cup of tea with friends. You can make things even more cosy with lots of plumped up pillows.

Wicker also works well in the shabby chic décor - give wicker items a white coating or if you have more than one piece you can leave one or two in its original condition for contrast. A couple of patchwork throws wouldn't go a miss and a good focal point could be a table with a display of random white ornaments and odd table lamps uk style to create an ambient, diffused lighting effect in the evenings.

Image: Small Place Style

Rabu, 02 Juni 2010

Aesthetic Oiseau goes to South Carolina

Today our virtual travels take us farther south down the eastern seaboard to St Johns, South Carolina, to a home designed by the incomparable Phoebe Howard. Our tour guide today is Daniela from the DC-based blog Aesthetic Oiseau. If you're looking for inspiration for a modern interpretation of chinoiserie or incredibly stylish chinoiserie finds at a good price, Daniela is your girl. In fact, I