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Senin, 31 Mei 2010

Pretty pillows

Looking through the new Elle Decor this month and love these new Jonathan Adler pillows.  What do you think? 

The Zhush goes to the Hamptons

I thought while I was away on vacation that it would be appropriate to ask a few of my favorite bloggers to come over to Odi et Amo and guest blog about their favorite vacation homes (real or imagined). Today Sue from The Zhush will be kicking things off with a fantasy guest home in The Hamptons courtesy of one of my all-time favorite designers Steven Gambrel. It's got to be just about the most

Minggu, 30 Mei 2010

Ultra Modern House Interior on Australia Gold Coast

interior ultra modern house on australia gold coastinterior room ultra modern house on australia gold coast ultra modern bedroom interior house on australia gold coastultra modern house design on australia gold coast ultra modern house interior room on australia gold coastultra modern house on australia gold coast ultra modern living room interior house on australia gold coastultramodern

Unique Interior House Plans with Sloped Ceilings design

Unique Interior House PlansUnique modern Home InteriorsUnique Exterior Home DesignUnique interior Home Plans

Unique interior home and architecture design

Unique Shaped House Design Bizarre Giant Snail HomeBest and unique house design looks like snail designed by Javier Senosiain. This is about sample home design photos Unique Shaped House Design Bizarre Giant Snail Home. This living place is located in Mexico City, Mexico. Many people in that country like this home design. Hovering beyond the smoggy city, this giant mollusk is house to

Jumat, 28 Mei 2010

Happy weekend

Have a great weekend!  I wish I were here, don't you?

Beautiful Summer Colour Combinations

Beautiful summer colours bring a room out of the doldrums and make you smile! With an eclectic mix of colours which radiate summer shades, living rooms become stylish interiors which ooze chic style.

Mixing and matching patterns is right on-trend and a great way to keep your living room bang up to date without having to spend a fortune; you can even cover the seats of your sofa and chairs in a completely different colour, pattern and type of fabric to create a fresh new look – a marvellous way to extend the life of your furniture along with embracing the trend of up-cycling effectively.

Add table lamps modern, bright and in a contrasting colour to add interest to a room and don't forget to add an abundance of fresh flowers to add the summer touch which can be picked from your garden! With the Chelsea Flower show in full swing this week it makes the quintessential flower inspiration easy to follow!

Mix stripes with floral fabrics, chevrons with blocks of contrasting plain colours within the same colour range and it's easy to achieve a beautiful room which is full of character and chic charm.

Image: VT Interiors blogspot

Kamis, 27 Mei 2010

My favourite thing this week

My pick for this week.  Loving this coral chandelier from Ballard Designs.  You can't beat the price at $299.00!!

Shop Like a Design Blogger: Sanity Fair

Today's installment of the ongoing Shop Like a Design Blogger series is courtesy of Skyla from Sanity Fair. Skyla's blog was one of the first blogs I started reading and it has remained a favorite. Not only does Skyla have incredible style, but she's also a wonderful writer with a wicked sense of humor and a definite Southern sensibility. I thoroughly enjoy her educated, witty take on fashion,

Rabu, 26 Mei 2010


Elle DecorToday Dave and I will be getting on a plane for London. After fretting about the volcano and the British Airways strike messing with my best laid plans, I'm relieved, happy and a little bit shocked to have everything still a "go" just a few short hours from our departure -- even if the BA strike did result in our flight getting cancelled (we managed to get on a Continental flight).

Modern furniture and contemporary Interior Design

luxury home interior designA variety of dining chairs are available today in the market to adorn your dining room. But choosing the right dining chairs for the right ambience and right mood may be a difficult task. But the Lauren Dining Chair is a dining chair that can fit into any dining room like a glove. The attractive high back dining chair is built around a simple design that stresses

modern architecture house design

modern architecture designmodern architecture design picturemodern architecture Vacouver house

Modern and Luxury Houses and Villas

Modern and Luxury Houses geometric designModern and Luxury Houses and VillasModern and Luxury Houses and Villas picture

Selasa, 25 Mei 2010

White white and more white

I am of the belief that you can change almost anything to white and it automatically looks better.  A can of white paint is one of my favourite things and one day (when my kids no longer have sticky fingers) I will have lots of white walls and furniture with pops of color through art and rugs.  So for the time being I am happy in my white kitchen and hoping there is more white in my future;)

Stay True To Your Own Individuality

Mix and not matching creates a chic style which suits modern family homes and lifestyles. Stripes are known to make rooms appear taller which gives the illusion of more space and light.

With discount fabric warehouse stores online its easy to collect materials of all colours, patterns and fabrics to make an abundance of cushions to pile onto sofas, chairs and beds to create a homely look.

I think it makes a real change to focus on reality rather than dreaming of the impossible! Interior designers undoubtedly create great interiors, however for the vast majority these designs come with a hefty price tag – the trick is to use the ideas, tweak them a little and create your own interior style which reflects your independence and personality not your budget.

With little skill you can transform your living space into a haven rich with colour, pattern and chic style. Just remember to stand true to the style of your home and leave the homes of the rich and famous as places to visit in person or via the internet and pinch ideas from!

Be open to trying new styles, experiment and broaden your horizons so that your home becomes envied!

Image: Decorology

Senin, 24 Mei 2010

Family Room Preview

I know it's been a month or so since I've posted any of my projects on our house -- but don't worry, I've got some pretty big plans up my sleeve for the great room. As you can see, our family room (which opens out onto the kitchen/breakfast area) is a great two-story behemoth, wildly popular with builders across the country. And I'll admit that it does make for a great first impression. But it's

Jumat, 21 Mei 2010

Canadian House and Home June issue

If you need an idea for a wall behind your sofa or above your bed then check out this great diy.  1. Buy ceiling medallions at your local big box store eg. Home Depot, Rona etc...2. Pick a couple paint colors in different tones or one color depending on what you like.3. Paint the ceiling medallions in a couple of coats of your chosen paint.4. And voila- instant art for your wall!These done in

Innovative Ways To Brighten Your Kitchen Cupboards

We know that bold patterns are right on-trend this year, along with people being more pedantic over the choice they make for using sustainable materials. As such why not use bright bold fabric to cover your kitchen cupboards?

An inexpensive and very different approach to up-dating kitchen cupboards! With the ability to buy fabric online then are a whole plethora of beautiful designs and patterns to choose from. Opt for medium weight fabrics to enable you to simply stick it to the cupboard doors.

You should also look for fabrics which don't fray otherwise you'll have to turn a small hem all the way round which, unless you're very careful won't give you a nice flat and even surface edge. PVC fabric may be the best choice as these are also wipe clean, have a thicker density which won't be spoilt by glue seeping through.

Ask staff in a fabric warehouse for suggestions if you're unsure or drop their customer service team an e-mail for advice.

You have to admit this is an ingenious and inexpensive way of bringing a whole new trendy look to your kitchen! You could even use the same fabric for a table runner or make your own Roman blinds for a balanced and cohesive look.

Image: AtticMag

Design Beach Home Decorating

Beautiful Design Modern Beach House Decorationthis design beach house decoration looks is luxury modern design for interior room. i think this design beach is beautiful design. Simple Design Beach Home Decorating for Mary Emmerlings beach cottagesEven though the first floor of My Coastal Home is still in the process of being remodeled it is complete enough that I can start thinking about

Design Cheap Home Decoration Ideas

Unique Modern Interior Design Cheap Home Decor for LivingroomA modern or contemporary interior design gives a rich, luxury look to your house or office that you'll enjoy. It's important to know that the interior design you choose is not only about the objects and furniture used, but also all other smaller parts of the entire picture matter. Parts like the walls, floor, doors, and even window

Decorating Tips Design for Homes

Beautiful Design BISAZZA SHOWROOM LOS ANGELESMosaic comes out of the bathroom, exiled there too long, and transcends this traditional frontier to reach other spaces of the home, from the living room to the study, in countless possibilities. The Bisazza collection, comprised of floral motifs, fabric patterns and geometric compositions, suggests the use of mosaic as wallpaper, creating a

Kamis, 20 Mei 2010

Design Classic Kitchens Decoration

Classic Kitchens Decoration Picture 1Classic Kitchens Decoration Picture 2Classic Kitchens Decoration Picture 3Classic Kitchens Decoration Picture 4Classic Kitchens Decoration Picture 5This design modern classic kithchen decoration looks is luxury and beautiy design kitchen for home. and this design a collection from selection design modern kitchen for home. i think this design is good and

3D Home Design with Natural Ideas

3D Home Design with Natural Ideas Picture 13D Home Design with Natural Ideas Picture 23D Home Design with Natural Ideas Picture 33D Home Design with Natural Ideas Picture 43D Home Design with Natural Ideas Picture 5This famous design concept modern 3d home with natural ideas. i think this design is very cool concept design. More than just a layout program, 3D Home Architect: Home and

Shop Like a Design Blogger: Emily A. Clark

Today's guest blogger is Emily from the eponymous blog Emily A. Clark. I came across Emily's blog a few months ago and I've been hooked ever since. If you're looking for some great low cost/high style DIY ideas that look anything but DIY, then Emily's blog should be your go-to resource.* * *I'm happy to participate in Averill's "Shop Like a Design Blogger" series, and since a big part of my

Rabu, 19 Mei 2010

My favourite thing this week

I am a little behind on some of my weekly posts and trying to catch up!  My pick this week are these very cool must have Prada sunglasses.  I am hoping my husband reads this post;)

The Cross Millennium Water project

One of my go to home decor stores, The Cross, has been working on a display suite in a new condo development in Yaletown called The Millennium Water.  This development was originally built for all the athletes staying in Vancouver for the 2010 Olympics.  Now they are up for sale and The Cross was asked to put together one of the display suites.  I think they did a wonderful job and anyone walking

Selasa, 18 Mei 2010

Save or Splurge: Peacock Mirror

Kristen Hutchins and Hillary ThomasI love a gorgeously detailed mirror, and one of my current favorites is the Indian peacock mirror. Peafowls hold a lot of meaning in Hindu religion and the Hindu god Krishna is often portrayed wearing a peacock feather in his headband. Right now, peacock feathers and motifs have also been enjoying renewed popularity in interior design and fashion. A peacock

Make Your Own Statement Headboard

Statement headboards are right on-trend and you don't have to be an expect in interior design or DIY to achieve the look!

All you need is a little inspiration from the designers by looking at interior design blogs, then browse for gorgeous fabric online and rustle up your own version, as long as the headboard is big and the colours you choose compliment your d├ęcor anything goes!

Use MDF board and simply cover it with your chosen fabric, a staple gun will come in handy or if you prefer a softer headboard to lean against stick a layer of foam to the board before you cover it.

To create a professional look to your bedroom buy enough fabric to make matching boudoir style cushions or use it to make your own Roman blinds, so that the colours and patterns blend together. However, don't forget the centre of attention should be the headboard, so don't go overboard an the accessories otherwise there will be too much competition for centre stage which can lead to a unbalance and unharmonious look.

To bring another of this year's trends into your bedroom opt for big bold prints which are ideal for creating statement headboards!

Image: Decorology

Senin, 17 Mei 2010

Sweet Dreams are made of these....

Palmer WeissIn the spring of 1987, when I was in first grade, my parents moved from inner Houston to its suburbs. Once we settled in, one of the first rooms my mother decorated (with the help of a designer from Ethan Allen, if I recall correctly) was my bedroom. At the tender age of 7, I was allowed to select the basic design elements for my bedroom -- and I remember feeling so very grown-up

Kamis, 13 Mei 2010

My favourite thing this week

Spotted on Plum Cushion's blog yesterday.  I love, love, love this pottery!!  Check out Jill Rosenwald's Etsy shop.  Here are a few of my faves.  Have a great Thursday:)

Shop Like a Design Blogger: Maddie G Designs

Today's guest post comes courtesy of Susie from Maddie G Designs. Susie offers do-it-yourself designers access to trade-only fabrics, wallpapers, furniture and accessories at below retail prices as well as traditional interior decorating services for DC-area (and virtual) clients. A few months ago, I contacted Susie about helping me purchase several rolls of Osborne & Little's Summer Palace for

Rabu, 12 Mei 2010

DIY nightmare

Let's just start by saying that I am anything but a DIYer. I have such admiration for all of you who can tackle a project and in the process make it look so easy! Since I have become a part of the blogging world I have seen all sorts of great ideas. For example, check out Censational Girl, she is amazing and has inspired me to do a little DIY myself. I started with a very old tray that was given

Favorite New Color Combo: Coral & Blue

Jeneration InteriorsFor the last few summers, coral has come back into favor as an "it" color, both in fashion and in home decor. If you're looking for a new spin on the color of summer, why not try use it as a fresh accent color against cool blue-grays and aquas? Throw in some organic textures (i.e., grasscloth, rattan or sisal) to enhance the coastal vibe or use golds, brass and rich browns to

Have An Eye For A Bargain!

Having an eye for a bargain is hot on everyone's agenda, especially if you've just moved into your first flat or home. As we all know a bargain is only a true bargain if you actually need the object you're buying, it's not the same as a 'wish list'!

I classify window dressing as a necessity not a luxury! Therefore to get real value for money you need to scour curtains for sale from a discount fabric warehouse and snap up genuine bargain which will you can use, and if necessary re-use, time and time again.

Look for reversible curtains as these will enable you to change the look of a room as well as giving your neighbours something new to look at if you don't have nets or blinds!

Also look out for curtain linings thermal style to give you added comfort and help reduce heat loss via your windows, which in turn will help lower your fuel bills! Do a little savvy shopping and you'll find that you can be frugal without having to scrimp on having a stylish window dressing!

Opt for patterned curtain fabrics as these will not restrict your interior style as you'll be able to pick out colours from the fabric to use as an accent to create a harmonious look.

Image:Endless Inspiration

Selasa, 11 Mei 2010

My Lighting Obsession Continues...

Kim Coleman I've got a small confession to make: I can't stop obsessing over lighting. You would not believe the time I've spent in the past few months e-browsing online lighting meccas like Circa Lighting,Shades of Light and Urban Electric and large home decor retailers with extensive lighting departments like Horchow and Clayton Gray Home. I simply can't get enough. And the biggest problem?

Senin, 10 Mei 2010

Olivia, reclining

Today I wanted to share with you all a recent watercolor my mother did of my dachshund Olivia. I think she did a wonderful job of capturing Olivia's personality (and, let's face it, her voluptuous figure). To give you a point of reference, the watercolor is based on this photograph that I took of Olivia a few weeks back in my office: Of course, since both the artist and the subject are near and

Minggu, 09 Mei 2010

My special day

I had such a wonderful Mother's Day today.  The day started with some precious hand made gifts from my kids and then a great lunch at a little place called Tracey Cakes in White Rock.  My daughter Avery decorated her wrapping paper (so precious!)My son Lucas made a portrait of his MommyMy daughter made a lithograph of William ShakespereI enjoyed a lovely lunch with my Mom, Nana and AuntiesHope

Let's Think Of A New Interior Design Style Name

Shabby chic remains to trend and it's one of interior design styles you either love or loathe! I think the problem may be that many people think the style is a good excuse for having an untidy home – just call it 'shabby chic'!

However, in reality shabby chic is it's own distinctive style which takes as much planning and thought as any other design style. It may be the case that a new name needs to be found for those rooms which are crammed full of clutter, somehow 'clutter chic' doesn't have the same ring to it!

Then of course there's the rustic look which is also used for many interiors which aren't truly rustic, just unfinished! As with shabby chic, rustic interiors also need to be considered carefully to achieved the desired look.

Maybe these unfinished homes should just be given the tag 'lived-in look'? as many people don't have the time, money or inclination to make the most of their homes.

Creating any style needs to be well planned and yet to achieve most you don't need to spend a fortune. Opt for bamboo roller blinds or wooden blinds cheap, cheerful and can create a stunningly simplistic style to windows.

Image: Decorology

Sabtu, 08 Mei 2010

Modern Style Design Home Decor

great home decorating tips from this influencial interior designer We chatted with interior designer Mark Langos, of, about the beautiful home he designed that we featured in our May issue. Here, he continues his thoughts about interior design and what makes for a great living space. What's the first thing you thought about when you began this project? There are several factors I

Famous Modern Design Home Decorating Style

Unique Design Asia Home Decorating Style this design asia home decorating style is very beautiful and cool design.Cute Design home decorating color trends fuchsiaI may live in New York, New York and work for Metropolitan Home, but I grew up in the suburbs, where pastels rule the roost. Since the original wallpaper cameModern Style Natural beauty for natural home interior design

Modern Design Free Home Decorating Ideas

Beautiful Free Home Decorating for Bedroom Design IdeasIf you're decorating your home, it's important that you find the right home decorating fabric. Whether you're going modern, Victorian, or classic, the theme of your home decorating will be influenced by the type of fabric you choose. If you already know what particular theme you want, do a little research online to decide which fabric will

New Famous Modern Home Decor Design Ideas

Luxury Modern Design Interior Wall Coverings DecorationYour home’s beauty should reflect your taste, personality and lifestyle. At The Design Emporium, we meld your inspirations with our design expertise, and the result is exquisite interiors that create the perfect backdrop to live, laugh and love. Fabrics, window treatments, wall coverings, furniture arrangement—no matter the need, the

Jumat, 07 Mei 2010

On My Mind...Upholstered Beds

Christina Murphy InteriorsI have a horrible habit of always being one or two projects ahead of myself. Even though I'm currently focusing on pulling together the living room (specifically, window treatments and built-ins -- update to come, I promise!), I can't help but find myself obsessing over my next project: the master bedroom. Once we complete the living room, I'll be tacking our master

Luxury and Exotic Modern Design Beach Home Decorating

Beautiful Design Modern Beach House Decorationthis design beach house decoration looks is luxury modern design for interior room. i think this design beach is beautiful design. Simple Design Beach Home Decorating for Mary Emmerlings beach cottagesEven though the first floor of My Coastal Home is still in the process of being remodeled it is complete enough that I can start thinking about carpets

Greats Design Cheap Home Decoration Ideas

Unique Modern Interior Design Cheap Home Decor for LivingroomA modern or contemporary interior design gives a rich, luxury look to your house or office that you'll enjoy. It's important to know that the interior design you choose is not only about the objects and furniture used, but also all other smaller parts of the entire picture matter. Parts like the walls, floor, doors, and even window

New Decorating Tips Design for Decorating Homes

Beautiful Design BISAZZA SHOWROOM LOS ANGELESMosaic comes out of the bathroom, exiled there too long, and transcends this traditional frontier to reach other spaces of the home, from the living room to the study, in countless possibilities. The Bisazza collection, comprised of floral motifs, fabric patterns and geometric compositions, suggests the use of mosaic as wallpaper, creating a fusion of

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Kamis, 06 Mei 2010

My favourite thing this week

While looking through one of my favourite websites 1st dibs I came across a decorating book for kids' rooms called Room for Children by Susanna Salk.  This book is filled with some of the most beautiful rooms I've ever seen!  If you ever need some inspiration this book will definitely give you lots of ideas.  Here are some of my favourites. 

Shop Like a Design Blogger: Holding Court

This week's guest blogger is Marija of Holding Court. I was only just recently introduced to Holding Court a few months ago, but I immediately knew it would become one of my favorites. A former attorney, Marija is now a full time interior designer -- a transition that I admittedly daydream about on a semi-regular basis these days. Not only is Marija incredibly knowledgeable about interior design,

Rabu, 05 Mei 2010


I came across these lovely nature inspired items at West Elm and wanted to share them with you.  West Elm collaborated with PATCH NYC to design these witty and fun pillows, dishes and framed art.  I thought you might enjoy them as much as I do!

Selasa, 04 Mei 2010

Style Essential: Turquoise Lamps

Tobi FairleyI've expressed my love of turquoise on this blog before, but I think one of the easiest ways to bring this bright, fun (and admittedly a bit trendy) hue into your home is through lighting. Prior to becoming an interior design amateur, I readily admit that I frequently ignored lighting. It just didn't seem important. Now though, I'm starting to believe that it might be the single most

Senin, 03 Mei 2010

Try Fabric Printing To Make Your Own Art Work!

Add a touch of spring to your bedroom with beautiful colour combinations of lime and purple. Set against a white back drop these colours create a gorgeous colour scheme which suits modern and contemporary homes beautifully.

Adding wall art with identical colours brings the room together and is a great way to add new dimensions and looks to a bedroom. Do away with the traditions of formal prints or pop art and deck your bedroom walls with the 'unusual' which team with your bedding sets.

If you fancy trying your hand at some 'cut work' or unusual paint effects you can be inspired by others! With the availability of buying fabric online you can mix and match patterns and colours to suit your living space.

Look for patterned fabrics which offer the opportunity to cut out the detailing and then use this to make prints in your chosen colour, a bit like potato printing you did when you were younger, with an adult twist!

There are lots of great ideas for bringing a fresh new look to your home online; if you can't think of your own ideas then take snippets and looks from other people, after all that's what great interior design ideas are all about – sharing with others!

Image: My Notting Hill