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Jumat, 31 Desember 2010

2011: New Year, New Life (?)

2011 will mark some major milestones in my life:March 2011: David and I will welcome our first child -- a boy.May 2011: David will turn 30.June 2011: I will turn 30.September 2011: David and I will celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary.November 2011: Marks my 5th year as a licensed attorney (unfortunately, I'll be missing my 5th year reunion in April due to above mentioned baby). Of course, that

Kamis, 30 Desember 2010

Get The Look: A Bold, Graphic Bathroom

In this post I'm going to share more interior design ideas for creating a stunning bathroom which is more suited to modern and contemporary styled homes.

Contemporary and elegant, the graphic bathroom is high shine - so sleek and smooth! This would be so much better if you have the advantage of a large bathroom, where you can squeeze in a Chesterfield style sofa in white leather (it is good to dream!) and to have enough space that your bath isn't squeezed into a corner or even against a wall.

The bathroom suite is really seductive with its matching pieces of black toilet and sink, a white bath and all three with gloss finish. Lines are clean and modern, only subtle curves are seen in the bathroom suite and your statement sofa or armchair if you had to downsize!

Polished white tiles on the floor and a focal wall with either black polished tiles or metallic wallpaper. Finishing touches include a contemporary light source where abstracts come into play and a large mirror on your focal wall.
As with the previous post try and use full length ready made curtains if you can; alternatively opt for high shine aluminium or white Venetian blinds to enable lots of natural light flood into the room.


Selasa, 28 Desember 2010

Wrap it up!

You know when you come across something and it encompasses your style completely?  Well that's how I felt when I saw this lamp.  It was love at first sight.  This is me all wrapped up in a lamp and it needs to be in my house!!  The pair would look so good in my living room.  I found them at a great little home decor store called Stella Bleu.  They have a great selection of pretty chandeliers to

Jumat, 24 Desember 2010

Create A Wind-down Zone!

Sometimes the whole festive season hustle and bustle can leave you exhausted and yet with a house full of relatives finding some 'me' time can be very difficult! If you only have one bathroom - let's be honest many homes do – you can't lock yourself away and soak in the bath as someone will want the loo! So you need to find another place to gather your thoughts and take time-out. There is an easy solution...creating your own little wind-down zone. It doesn't have to be anything lavish or encroach on much space, just a little ingenuity or your part!

In a larger living space have the area around it as an inviting reading nook or a retreat for a spot of 'winding-down'. It is an exclusive place with its solo chair – you don't have to share your favourite cushions and throws, but can still tease and excite guests with your acute style! Make it worthwhile by choosing luxury silk covered cushions in jewel tones, an end table with stylish table lamp for atmospheric lighting and an easy-to-reach shelf with your favourite reading material – choose a book that was a present or a recipe book and no one can accuse you of being selfish!

Image: Decorology

Rabu, 22 Desember 2010

Looking for something modern?

I am currently working on a modern family room with minimal colour.  A neutral pallet with great texture can be achieved by mixing fabric, metals and wood tones.  This is a great way to keep a modern space from feeling too cold.  Take note of the beautiful painting done by my friend and designer Karla Amadatsu from Kerrisdale Design.Throw pillows by Woody Liana and Caitlin Wilson 

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I'm off for the next few days enjoying some quality time with the family and some much needed R&R. I'll be back next week though with plenty of updates on the nursery (including some DIYs) as I scurry to get the room in shape before returning to work in January.Love,AverillP.S. - The winner of the Bold & Noble Noah's Ark

Senin, 20 Desember 2010

Beautiful Black Bedroom Ideas - Graphic

This bedroom idea adds a new twist to monochromatic black and white to bring your bedroom bang up to date with a very trendy design with clean lines and bold graphic prints; as much as it is trendy though, this bedroom look has a whimsical approach to elegant styling - oversized table lamps UK with a fluid white form and bedside tables that are half the height, showing off 'S' shaped legs in an acid yellow accent colour.

Monochrome black, white and grey is ahead of this bright pop of colour with a beautiful charcoal grey focal wall, white bedding and a large area bedroom rug with black abstract print on white background. Three lots of ready made curtains are used - two pairs in white and a black pair to go central; this gives the appearance of stripes.

Metallics are used, but they come through as a sheen on silk and satin cushions and bed runners - look for a jewel tone such as amethyst which also compliments the yellow side tables. A white gloss headboard projects the bed with its crisp white bed linen.

Image: Modesred

I love Ruby Love's Modern Baby Books

I'll admit that I'm a big fan of documenting everything (I'm a lawyer, after all!) and I cherish the baby books my mother and grandmother made for me. But a lot of the books on the market today just strike me as a bit too cheesy, a bit too...well, babyish. Cue a random (but most welcome email) from my blogging buddy Laura over at JourneyChic a few weeks ago recommending Etsy seller Ruby Love's

Jumat, 17 Desember 2010

Thom Felicia at Calico Corners

Not sure if I'm the last to know but it's news to me!  Now I have another reason to shop at Calico.

Win a Bold & Noble Screen Print!

So a few weeks ago I ordered the Noah's Ark print in turquoise from English design collective Bold & Noble for the nursery. Unfortunately, they initially sent me the print in poppy red -- a great color, but definitely not what I ordered. Quick to make amends, however, B&N shipped me the turquoise version and offered to let me keep the red version for myself. Well, of course the first thing I

Beautiful Black Bedroom Ideas - Gothic Inspirations

From pitch black to a midnight blue, this time we see a little colour coming through! Once again, it has to be said that the dark walls can make compromises for unisex bedrooms. You can also afford to use a colour that is neither too 'masculine' or too 'feminine' like a red-orange (another colour showing up an awful lot lately). A classic mid-century modern design is tasteful for exploring darker palettes; if you choose more period décor you can expect a more dramatic look and one that can be quite Gothic - depends on your personal taste I guess. I rather like the clean simple lines of the wooden bookcase-come-headboard in this idea.

The idea of having a shelving unit framing the bed makes bedtime all the more cosy, just having to reach behind your head to pick up a good read before dozing off. Choose duvet cover sets in white, but this time with a coloured print like the red-orange example - a graphic floral print is very eye catching. You can add a warm medium grey to the picture with floor rugs and some table lamps UK to add a sultry atmosphere if you want!

Kamis, 16 Desember 2010

The Backyard is (Finally) Finished!

Back in August I posted some pictures showing off some preliminary work we'd done to our backyard. Well, four months later I am thrilled to report that we've finally finished landscaping and that I couldn't be happier with the finished results. While we spent a huge chunk of my 2010 bonus on the yard, both Dave and I believe that we've managed to create a little something out of the ordinary,

Modern living room interior designs - Living room designs ideas

Modern living room interior designs - Living room designs ideas is where you entertain guests and spend quality time with your family. It is the most used room of many homes, and therefore it requires an extra amount of care when you design and decorate it. Coordination 1. You can coordinate your living room to match or accentuate the rest of the rooms in your home. You can follow a specific

Modern living room designs - Comfortable living room interior design

Modern living room designs - Comfortable living room interior design was first introduced in the mid sixties, when it was used to describe the down-striped sculptures of many artists. Today, the term has become Modern living room designs - Comfortable living room interior design. A minimalist design style calls for clean lines, hard surfaces and low furniture. The elegant style enhances the

Selasa, 14 Desember 2010

Advice for New Moms: Haven & Home

Today marks the final installment of the Advice for New Moms guest post series and I'd like to thank all the wonderful bloggers who contributed to the series and made it so informative (not to mention entertaining). We're finishing up strong today with Marianne Strong (sorry for the bad pun!) from Haven & Home and Marianne Strong Interiors. While Marianne is not yet a mother herself, she's had

Beautiful Black Bedroom Ideas

I am full of anticipation for this intimate bedroom; just because I know many initial thoughts will be negative – so much black you ask? How does it work without feeling Gothic or moody? I guess you have to appreciate the darker side of decorating a little to accept this idea; but it is really interesting how you can play with texture and pattern when sticking to one colour.

Of course, no idea is legitimate without the possibility of taking it and doing your own thing with it – if you want a little more white, if you want a little less black; just go for it and see how it unfolds. Back to black – three walls coated in matte black and the wall behind your bed head is papered up in a black matte and metallic print.

Bedding comprises of a black duvet but different textures give it detail – try a black satin duvet cover, a mixture of black silk and velvet cushions and a leather upholstered headboard; you can't tell me this doesn't sound inviting! You can lighten the room with mirrors, inclusive of mirrored furniture. Add the final touch with bedroom rugs - black and grey check print is so very appropriate!

Image: PadStyle

Sabtu, 11 Desember 2010

A Dog's Rules for Christmas

Santa Dress

#1 A big man with a white beard and a very loud laugh may emerge from your fireplace in the middle of the night. DON'T BITE HIM! Believe it or not, he comes bearing gifts.

#2 Don't pee on the tree.

#3 Be tolerant if your humans put decorations on you. They seem to get some special kind of pleasure out of seeing how you look with fake antlers.

Wishing you a happy holiday season filled with love and laughter with your dear ones two-legged or four!

Courtesy of Barking Babies

Patricia Gray Inc is an award winning Interior Design firm in Vancouver who blogs about Lifestyle and WHAT'S HOT in the world of Interior Design. 2010 © Patricia Gray | Interior Design Blog™

Jumat, 10 Desember 2010

2011 Color of the Year: Honeysuckle

The powers that be over at Pantone have dubbed "Honeysuckle", a vibrant pink hue with a yellow undertone, the color for 2011. While I'd describe the color as more pink lemonade than honeysuckle (after all, a honeysuckle flower is yellow!), I do like the vibrant feminine energy the color conveys. And I have to say, given the popularity of this more adultified pink (actually, pink in general) on

Kamis, 09 Desember 2010

Holiday decorating

I am finally getting around to decorating the house for the holidays and the first thing I did was fix up my empty uninviting planter at the front door.  It was pitiful that my guests were being welcomed by an empty planter!  I took inspiration from who else but Sarah Richardson.  I loved the planters that she put together with Tommy on her holiday special.   I don't have a green thumb at all so

3 Quick Tips To Creating a Relaxing Bedroom

1. Blackout roller blinds are fabric blinds that completely block the light out when they are down and when raised allow an unobstructed view to the outside. These blinds are inexpensive and are low maintenance, because they can be made of any material - cotton, silk and even hemp are just some of the choices. They can be chosen to match cheap bedding sets and the rest of your chosen décor. Most are washable and the ones that are not can be dry cleaned or dusted, so keeping them clean is not a problem. Best of all, you can find the best deals online.

2. In addition to shutting out the light and making sure that you have a comfortable bed, you could add accessories such as a rock waterfall set up or a white noise machine to shut out city noise or chirping birds. A diffuser with your favourite scent or some aromatherapy candles might be a good idea as well - your nose knows what it wants and that can be used to relax you!
3. Your eyes are pleased by the lack of light thanks to blackout roller blinds, new duvet covers bedding is also a great idea to help you feel comfortable and your ears are full of the sounds of the ocean gently rolling over the shore. The whole world is Zen and it's all because you took the time out to make your bedroom a relaxing environment.

Image: A Life's Design

Rabu, 08 Desember 2010

Frizzle the elf

Isn't he cute!  After reading Tamara's blog Modern Mommy a few weeks ago I knew he would be a welcome addition to our Christmas traditions.  My kids love waking up every morning and finding our elf perched in a new spot.  Thanks Tamara!

Selasa, 07 Desember 2010

Master Bedroom Design: Progress Report

It's been a few months now since I first posted about my plans for our master bedroom, but I promise that I didn't forget about it, despite my baby haze. In fact, real progress has been made towards achieving my initial vision and I'm excited to share the changes the room has undergone in recent weeks.I've swapped out our queen size bed with a larger king. I selected a modern, black version of a

Senin, 06 Desember 2010

Quick Tips To Creating A Home Work Station

Get the lighting and the mood right. If there is too much light, get some Venetian blinds. If there is not enough light, get a table lamp UK. It's tiring and counterproductive to work in too much light or too little light. Depending on what your work is, you might not need anything but a little bit of sunshine. The blinds will help you regulate the light coming in and out of the room and then you can electronically regulate any more or less light that you might need. In addition, leave out the TV and the radio. Some people claim that they can't work without some background noise, so a relaxing waterfall or a noise machine might be in order, but do not put anything at your work space that will visually or aurally distract you.

Get a comfortable chair to sit in while you work, and take care of your desk! It is impossible to get anything done if you are constantly worried that your desk is going to fall apart. Make sure that your workspace is sturdy and ready to be used for what you need it for. In addition, place any appliances or work related items you need on your desk and take away any distractions or non-work related items.

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to organise your things and remove anything that isn't needed. This will make your work space a real work space and make everything else fall into place. If you are a stickler for décor, don't hesitate to look for appliances or a Venetian blind in a style that matches or compliments your desk.

Image: A Life's Design

Jumat, 03 Desember 2010

Meet Matilda!

I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of our family: Matilda, a 3.5 month old miniature dachshund! After the loss of our dear Olivia in October, Dave and I thought long and hard about whether or not we wanted another dog, especially since we're expecting a baby in just a few short months. Ultimately, however, we decided that, if we did want another dog, it was "now or never," as the

Kamis, 02 Desember 2010

Advice for New Moms: JourneyChic

Back again with yet another fantastic guest post in the Advice for New Moms series. Today I'm thrilled to have Laura of JourneyChic, who welcomed her first son into the world back in, I can't believe how time flies! I feel like I was just reading about her being pregnant! In any case, Laura has (unsurprisingly) some incredibly smart thoughts on decking out the nursery, delivery and

Rabu, 01 Desember 2010

Goodbye Patrick.

Patrick {who so thoughtfully confiscated my father's blackberry for the duration of my wedding in 2006}I wanted to take a time out today from the usual blogging about design and babies to say goodbye to Patrick, my cousin Carol's husband. Patrick passed away today after suffering massive head trauma in a terrible car accident in mid October. On Monday my family went to say goodbye to him at the

Selasa, 30 November 2010

Advice for New Moms: Green Street

Dave and I are back from Florida and this week we've got not one but two guest posts coming in my Advice for New Moms series. Today, I'd like to welcome Fran from Green Street. Fran is a fabulous mom with an equally fabulous sense of style and I'm sure you'll find her advice as helpful as I have. Take it away, Fran!* * *Congratulations Averill - I am very happy for you and your husband for your

Minggu, 28 November 2010

Home for the Holidays Christmas Tree


Patricia Gray Inc is honoured to have participated along with Linda Sale Interior Design in their 3rd Annual “Home for the Holidays” fundraising initiative benefiting Canuck Place Children’s Hospice at Sutton Place Hotel. This festive fundraising initiative partnered with local Vancouver businesses to create signature trees that are showcased in the lobby of The Sutton Place Hotel for the month of December.  Please drop by and feast your eyes on the beautiful trees and cast your vote for your favourite.  Thank-you to everyone who voted for their favourite tree and helped us raise proceeds for this important cause.

2010 Sutton Xmas Tree 0032010 Sutton Xmas Tree 004
 2010 Sutton Xmas Tree 0072010 Sutton Xmas Tree 009  2010 Sutton Xmas Tree 013

The tree is decorated with handmade Canuck Jerseys for each team member, and Gingerbread Cookies to represent the Children of the World dressed in their native costumes with each holding the flag of their Country. Click here to see more pictures of the decorations. For more information, please visit Canuck Place Children’s Hospice or Sutton Place Hotel Home for the Holidays.

Photos top left to right: Patricia Gray with clients Arnold & Audrey Armstrong; Patricia Gray with client Linda McGibbon; Patricia Gray with Sara Tye, Creekside Tile; Patricia Gray with Hanan Arabatlian, Aura Interiors.

Patricia Gray Inc is an award winning Interior Design firm  in Vancouver, Canada who blogs about Lifestyle and WHAT'S HOT  in the world of Interior Design.
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Kamis, 25 November 2010

These Pictures Make Me Smile

I just couldn’t resist posting these pictures and words of wisdom I got in an email from my Dad today.  I usually do not read these types of emails when I receive them other than from my Dad, as he always forwards me the Best of the Best.  It made me smile and feel good, for our little furry friends really do give so much to us.  I hope that it will put a smile on your face also!


A Dog's Purpose?   (From a 6-year-old).
Being a veterinarian, I had been called to examine a ten-year-old Irish Wolfhound named Belker. The dog's owners Ron, his wife Lisa, and their little boy Shane, were all very attached to Belker and they were hoping for a miracle. I examined Belker and found he was dying of cancer. I told the family we couldn't do anything for Belker and offered to perform the euthanasia procedure for the old dog in their home.

As we made arrangements Ron and Lisa told me they thought it would be good for six-year-old Shane to observe the procedure. They felt as though Shane might learn something from the experience. The next day I felt the familiar catch in my throat as Belker’s family surrounded him. Shane seemed so calm, petting the old dog for the last time, that I wondered if he understood what was going on. Within a few minutes Belker slipped peacefully away.

The little boy seemed to accept Belker's transition without any difficulty or confusion. We sat together for a while after Belker's Death, wondering aloud about the sad fact that animal lives are shorter than human lives. Shane, who had been listening quietly piped up ''I know why.''

Startled, we all turned to him. What came out of his mouth next stunned me. I'd never heard a more comforting explanation. It has changed the way I try to live.
He said  “People are born so that they can learn how to live a good life -- like loving everybody all the time and being nice, right?''
The Six-year-old continued “Well, dogs already know how to do that, so they don't have to stay as long.''

Live simply
Love generously
Care deeply
Speak kindly


Patricia Gray Inc is an award winning Interior Design firm  in Vancouver, Canada who blogs about Lifestyle and WHAT'S HOT  in the world of Interior Design.
2010 © Patricia Gray | Interior Design Blog™

Rabu, 24 November 2010

Bedroom makeover

I mentioned a bedroom I was working on a couple of months ago, you can see the original post here.  We have installed the wallpaper, added some new lamps, mirrors etc....  It's coming along nicely and wanted to show you a sneak peek.  I LOVE the wallpaper, it is absolutely stunning!

Quick Tips To Creating A Cosy Guest Room

Creating a guest room is easy, but to really make it comfortable you have to have something for everyone. The bed and whatnot are important, but the idea that you've specifically made a room 'just for them' can be a deal breaker on your guests staying with you again. Even the pickiest person can sleep well with the black out curtains or blinds in place and properly chosen duvet covers bedding.

Once you have taken care of the sleepy guests, the bored ones are still waiting for some attention. Accessories are important. You might add a book shelf, along with matching tables to put their books on so that when they get ready to rest, there's a place to put them other than the floor!

The addition of a television is essential for those who find it hard to sleep! It doesn't have to be large, but a good one is required. If you have all of this the last thing to be considered is extra cheap bed linen and blankets, and of course making sure that they have extra pillows just in case. A good night's sleep will be so simple in this room with it's comfortable bed and black out window treatments, TV and a good book on the night stand.

You and your guests will enjoy their stay with these ideas implemented and you will be able to rest easy knowing that you worked hard to make their visit enjoyable.

Image: A Life's Design

Selasa, 23 November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of year. I absolutely love the holiday's emphasis on family, gratitude and (of course!) food -- especially since those same virtues don't come with the attendant stresses of gifting and performance anxiety that Christmas inevitably seems to put everyone under. After a stressful fall, I'm particularly thankful this year for what I do have: my health, the

Senin, 22 November 2010

Checked out Rue yet?

Some of my favourites from Rue.

Sabtu, 20 November 2010

First Snowfall in Vancouver

View from my terrace 001
View from my terrace

We had our first snow fall in the City last night. I woke up to extreme quiet and looked outside to a winter wonderland.  It is unusual for us to have snow this early in the season if at all downtown……so if this keeps up we will have fantastic ski conditions in Whistler!

Have a wonderful weekend wherever you are.

Patricia Gray Inc is an award winning Interior Design firm  in Vancouver, Canada who blogs about Lifestyle and WHAT'S HOT  in the world of Interior Design.
2010 © Patricia Gray | Interior Design Blog™

Jumat, 19 November 2010

Quick Tips To Creating A Beautiful Lounge

Picking out furniture can be a chore, especially if you are looking to match what you have painted on the walls. A good couch or love seat is important and you are looking for relaxing comfort, not necessarily looks. If you are looking to keep the room 'warm' avoid leather furniture and stick to plush couches with low key patterns that add character to the room, and don't make themselves the centre of attention.

Wooden furniture is a good idea in this case too; wood adds a rustic, lived in look that you can't beat. A veteran do-it-yourself-er might find interest in purchasing some old tables or other wooden pieces and refinishing them, or if you find modern glass and metal your thing you can purchase or build your lounge around a leather couch or a glass coffee table.

When looking for ready made curtains UK, go with a pattern that compliments your paint job to break up the monotony and go with curtain pole finials that match your furniture - there are wooden and metal ones in a wide variety of designs and styles to match your scheme.

Besides colour accessories as essential. A big coffee table might be in order, or paintings with bold colours to contrast your paint scheme would be a nice addition to your area, add extra softness under foot by adding floor rugs in front of your sofa or chairs. With a little effort, in no time, you should be able simply sit and relax in your liveable lounge.

Image: AtticMag

Kamis, 18 November 2010

Nursery Design: The Beginning

So I'm over 24 weeks into my pregnancy, which gives me less than 16 weeks (or 3.5 months for those unaccustomed to measuring time in weeks) to decorate Baby Boy Conn's nursery. To give you an idea of what we're starting with, above is a shot of the soon-to-be nursery. I had considered cleaning the room out first before taking a photo, but I thought I'd best be totally honest with you guys. As you

Rabu, 17 November 2010

Guest Post at Cottage and Vine

Today you'll find me guest blogging over at Cottage and Vine. This week Rene has been featuring guest bloggers' gift ideas for just about everyone on your list and today she's asked me to share some of my top gift picks for men this holiday season. Please stop by and say "hi" -- and, of course, feel free to share what's on your shopping list this year (I'm always looking for more ideas!).

Selasa, 16 November 2010

Advice for New Moms: (Chef)uality

Today I'm thrilled to welcome my dear sister-in-law Dani , the blogger behind the fantastic food video blog (Chef)uality and mother of two of my all-time favorite kiddos (yes, they also happen to be my nephew and niece, but I'd still argue they're unequivocally awesome and I give Dani tons of credit for how they're turning out). And so, it's little wonder that I've asked for her advice and sage

Senin, 15 November 2010

DwellStudio Stationery

DwellStudio has recently teamed up with Tiny Prints to launch a new line of paper goods. The clean, crisp modern designs combined with the fresh color choices perfectly channel the brand's home and baby offerings. Above is a selection of holiday card designs that I think are particularly charming. Even better, many of these have coordinating gift tags and address labels, ensuring all your paper

Online school interior design - Interior Design Education

Online school interior design - Interior Design Education are becoming very helpful as using interior designs is becoming more and more common in homes, offices, hospitals, and more places. So there will me more need for your interior designing services. So when you study this topic in s specialized school, you'll have lots of great career opportunities in front of you soon.First, you should

The Idea Behind Restfulness is Comfort

You're coming home late from work, and you're tired. All you want to do is go to your room and go to sleep, but it's impossible. The bed is a mess, the window dressings are going to let light inside in just a few hours, and there are clothes everywhere. Sure, you can clean up and make the bed, but what about those tatty old blinds? There has to be a better way to make your bedroom a more relaxing place. The first step is to take an assessment of what you have.

Do you need a new bed?

How about some cheap bed linen?

Those old blinds that keep letting in the sunlight too early could be replaced by a blackout roller blind that keep light completely out.

A few other things and you're on your way to having a brand new bedroom that will allow you to rest.

An old tatty mattress can be the bane of a good night's sleep and a new one would be in order if you aren't comfortable. Picking out a bed should be handled according to how you feel when you sleep, whether you need a firm or a soft mattress. If you are plagued by allergies, trying out some pillow covers or sheets that are hypo-allergenic would be a good idea; consider thread count into the equation to get best value for money.

Using blues or greens in your décor can often aid the relaxation process and ease discomfort when trying to sleep, as well as make your room a place that you can be proud to look at. In addition to your new bed and your new sheets, you might need a way to shut the light out in case you are a day sleeper. If you are looking to keep light out black out curtains or blinds are perfect for this.

Image: Freshome

Sabtu, 13 November 2010

Top interior design education - Interior design careers

Designing your life with a career in Top interior design education - Interior design careers can give you the lifetime reward of living with a job you love. Interior design careers are for the creative individual who also has the ability to manage the creativity logically and enjoys working with materials. To be a successful interior designer, you must also be able to communicate the creative and

Top interior design schools - Top interior decorating schools

Programs that are offered in floral design schools in Kansas will vary from those offered in other Top interior design schools - Top interior decorating schools located elsewhere. This is also true for set and fashion design schools. A set design school in Seattle or a Top interior design schools - Top interior decorating schools in New York will have an immense difference in size, atmosphere,

Jumat, 12 November 2010

Order of The Day – The Dining Room

There are several ways to getting your dining room in order. Decide on your colour scheme and what kind of furniture you want, and then accessorise properly. Remember that the table is the centre of the room and every thing else can revolve around it if it is relatively simple and easy to dress up. Curtains and curtain poles can be purchased to match the colour scheme, even if it is metal. The next meal that you have in there could be the best one yet - considering how many compliments you could get if you choose your décor and accessories carefully!

Once you get your colour scheme and decide what kind of furniture you want, you can pick out your accessories, including the window dressing. Kitchen blinds are ideal if your window is situated above your sink as they won't get in the way when pulled up or down.

If you prefer curtains metal curtain poles are ideal for a contemporary styles kitchen. The best thing about metal curtain poles is that they can be purchased to match whatever your kitchen looks like. If you have a lot of metal and glassware the curtain pole brackets and ends can be clear or brushed glass, or even brass or silver depending on what you like or what matches your décor. The best part is that they are relatively inexpensive and can be a great addition to any décor to give it the 'wow' factor!
Image: AtticMag

Kamis, 11 November 2010

Home Office Living Room Design

A lot of us would love the luxury of working from home. Those of you who have it would know what it means: the flexible hours, the freedom, and a comfortable space to work from. The space in your home that you work from and the way it is designed plays a very important role in your productivity and performance. Even if you are a minimalist and would like to make your peace with your little

Rabu, 10 November 2010

Modern Home Office Living Room - Office Living Room Lighting

Contemporary Home Office Living Room - Office Living Room InteriorTop office living room design - Living room office combination

Top White Interior Design Home for Modern Home Decoration

White interior design home for your room will influence the effect of the room and make your room more beautiful clean, fresh and airy feel to your interior design, why not consider interior design ideas in white. The key to using white interior design successfully in your interior design scheme, is to add interest in ways other than color. The overall effect you can get will depend very

top home interior decorating - Top home office interior

New project

I have been very busy helping a client with their main living space which includes the living room, dining room, family room and some small updates in the kitchen.  This is the mood board I originally put together for her living room.  I originally only saw a few pictures of the space before the client moved in and she gave me an idea of her aesthetic.  I wanted to see if this would be the

Selasa, 09 November 2010

Interior design education - Top School Design

Advice for New Moms: Emily A. Clark

Today's sage advice on motherhood comes from Emily of Emily A. Clark, interior decorator, mommy of three, and DIY-genius. I'm particularly grateful for all the "what not to waste your time/money on" advice that's been featured in so many of these guest posts (including this one!). In fact, I'm off to delete some more items from my registry now. * * *I'm so happy for Averill and her husband on

Perfect Pastels in the Lounge

Pastels maybe gong out of fashion but you have to admit in your want a lounge which emits peace and calm these colour combinations take a lot of beating.

The great thing about pastels is that you can bring as many colours as you like, just so long as they are complimenting each other. With a quiet room like this you'll also need to find a focal point, which is typically associated around the TV in most homes; you'll also need to 'ground' the style by using floor rugs in cream or beige otherwise you could end up with a room which looks too 'floaty'.

Keeping to pastels shades does provide a beautiful canvass on which to work, just like a painting, but in my opinion these colours aren't child or pet friendly and can only really be used in homes with singles or couples – before you shoot me down in flames – either that or ban the kids and pets from the room otherwise you may find the whole illusion ruined by pet hairs or kid's accidents!

This style of room is ideal for those who have the benefit of a large home with a separate family room; in some ways like an old fashioned parlour which was only used when guests arrived! Add table lamps UK to compliment the gentle tones during the evenings.

Image: House of Turquoise

Jumat, 05 November 2010

Top interior design - Home interior decorating

Top interior design - Home interior decoratingTop interior design - Home interior decoratingTop interior design - Home interior decoratingTop interior design - Home interior decorating

Best and top interior design

Best and top interior designBest and top interior designBest and top interior design

Kamis, 04 November 2010

Annie Selke's Ranch

This month, House Beautiful wrapped up its series chronicling designer Annie Selke's transformation of a dated ranch into her home. I'm an avid fan of renovation shows, so it's little wonder I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Annie's journey each month (if you haven't been following, you can read all eight installments HERE). What I loved most though was how well Annie was able express her own

Rabu, 03 November 2010

What's in a name?

To borrow a line from Shakespeare, "a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." But what about a little boy? While I'm normally the type of person who makes quick, confident decisions, I find myself almost completely immobilized when it comes to naming my future son. I'm afraid of making the wrong decision, of saddling my son with an overly popular or trendy name, of having the other parents

On-Trend Colour Combinations – Yellow and Grey

If you like the thought of a neutral lounge that is light and airy, but you wish to have more warmth then a light creamy yellow may be your answer. This works wonderfully in a small lounge that needs to combine lots of light with the cosy factor!

Begin with white walls all around and a dark wood floor - perhaps giving it a new stain if needed; in the end you will just catch a glimpse of the flooring around the edge but it will make all the difference in a darker, bordering colour. An area rug brings in comfort but opens the space in a textured white. Choose sofa and chairs to be arranged around a coffee table - this is your opportunity too to bring in that creamy yellow with upholstered sofa chairs.

Grey comes in the picture with chrome accessories, metallic coffee table and softly patterned white and grey cheap cushion covers. Finish the look with floaty ready made curtains UK that add height to the room when hung from ceiling to floor - choose white with that same creamy yellow coming in with a pattern or motif.

Image: Bright, Bold & Beautiful

Selasa, 02 November 2010

Advice for New Moms: Pink Wallpaper

Today I'm thrilled to welcome back Shannon Darby, designer, mom and blogger behind Pink Wallpaper and The Designer's Attic. I've been a huge fan of Shannon's killer sense of style for a few years now, so it's little wonder that I'm completely in love with all the products she recommends here. It's great to know that there are plenty of functional -- yet still stylish -- baby products available

Senin, 01 November 2010

Millionaire lottery home

I got a chance to visit the new lottery home not far from where I live this past weekend.  I don't go to all of the lottery homes but this one looked pretty spectacular from the outside. The interior was done by Kelly Deck who is a local interior designer here in Vancouver and I have to say that I was really impressed.   A few of the highlights for me was the kitchen/great room, the master

Contemporary Home Office Living Room - Office Living Room Interior

Contemporary Home Office Living Room - Office Living Room InteriorTop office living room design - Living room office combination

Decorating with Quentin Blake

As a child, my primary passion was drawing; in fact, I spent the first ten to twelve years of my life convinced I was going to be a children's book illustrator or Disney animator. Little wonder then that two of my leading role models were Walt Disney and Quentin Blake, an English illustrator and author who is probably most famous for illustrating the works of Roald Dahl. Dahl's fantastical,

Minggu, 31 Oktober 2010

Interior Design Ideas - Snow White

I know it's a little premature to be thinking of snow – but couldn't resist sharing this beautiful white lounge with you. You have to admit that it look stunning with the touches of gold adding an elegant touch.

Furthermore this lounge isn't swamped by swathes of curtains and drapes and proves a point that a vertical blind can make a superb window dressing. The vertical blind slats give hight to the room along with an extremely versatile approach to privacy and fabulous light control.

All white rooms are still being favoured by interior designers this season; especially if rooms aren't that large as white enables a room to appear much larger, however the stark and clinical approach is subtly being made into a warm and friendly home look with the addition of soft grey rugs and statement table lamps.

Of course there is no room for clutter (my obsession which I haven't mentioned for a long time!) - having a beautiful lounge is easy to achieve on a budget as white paint is probably the cheapest wall and ceiling paint; paint flooring white will also help to highlight your rugs in an understated natural way.

Sabtu, 30 Oktober 2010

Small home office lighting - Home office lighting fixtures

Have you been searching for a distinctive way to Small home office lighting - Home office lighting fixtures. Do you feel that the lighting lamps in your home are outdated and need a change? Then here are some tips that can help you through this quest.You can start off with light fixtures, Small home office lighting - Home office lighting fixtures are relatively inexpensive and can give your home

Modular home office furniture - Affordable home office furniture

Probably one of the biggest benefits of a Modular home office furniture - Affordable home office furniture is that it is more cost effective than a building with a lot of individual offices. A Modular home office furniture - Affordable home office furniture normally comprises a large work area (or room) for a group of people working together. Rent on this type of space is less than on the

Jumat, 29 Oktober 2010

Modern Home Office Living Room - Home office living room ideas

When creating a design for Modern Home Office Living Room - Home office living room ideas, keep in mind how Modern Home Office Living Room - Home office living room ideas will be used. A living room with surround sound, for example, will require a particular design in order to get the full effect of that sound. Whether there is surround sound or no sound, a Modern Home Office Living Room - Home

Home office living room design - Feng Shui modern home living room interior

Home office living room design - Feng Shui modern home living room interior is an ancient Chinese art that promotes well-being through design. Feng Shui practitioners say that, when a space is properly designed and the objects and furniture properly arranged, your feelings of safety and comfort affect your attitude and even your level of success. When Feng Shui principles are implemented, they

Faux Fur Rugs are Right On-Trend This Season

If you want to be right up to date with the latest interior design ideas then you need rugs – in every room! Not just any old rug will do, the look is all about keeping things in balance along with remembering that although big is beautiful it can overwhelm a room and make it look smaller than it is in reality – sometimes less really is more, so it's worth bearing this in mind with your choice of rugs.

A popular choice for using faux fur fabric is with area rugs - usually the larger the better in this context. Yet there is something so welcoming about a faux fur rug to keep your feet nice and toasty during colder months! White fur is very on trend and is probably one of the easiest and flexible of all colours - in simple white it is far less about adding colour or pattern; it is all about the added texture and warmth which can be used successfully in almost any decorating style. Contemporary monochrome schemes can be given more warmth with a zebra print rug or try a patchwork brown for rustic décor.

Image: Belle Maison

Kamis, 28 Oktober 2010


Unfortunately we had no choice but to let go of Olivia today, just five short days after she first became ill. We still don't know the cause (it might have been bacterial, fungal, or a toxin), but the effect was quite simply devastating -- her liver completely shut down, and no manner of drug nor treatment was going to bring it back. I'm still in a state of shock at this twist my life has taken

Rabu, 27 Oktober 2010

Olivia Update

After a horrible day yesterday, when every sign pointed towards me having to say goodbye to Olivia today, we have received some very positive news this morning. Olivia has started to respond to treatments, her liver is recovering and, while we're not out of the woods yet, the vet is "cautiously optimistic".I will still count it as a tremendous blessing if I get to take Olivia home after this

Selasa, 26 Oktober 2010

Advice for New Moms: Home to Three Duncan Boys

Hi guys, I’m Lakeitha from Home to three Duncan Boys and I’m here today sharing my baby must haves with Averill for her little “munchkin”! Munchkin products are my absolute favorite. They make a wide variety of baby accessories that I think are perfect for new moms! Plus the color combinations are just too darn cool to pass up! Here are a few of my favorites…For Feeding:Breastfeeding may be ideal

Senin, 25 Oktober 2010


Update (7pm): Many thanks for all the sweet messages and comments. We had to do a plasma transfusion today, but fortunately Olivia has responded very well to treatment so far and her vitals and behavior are both markedly better. We won't be out of the woods until tomorrow when we can do some more blood work, but this is a very hopeful development.Please excuse the lack of postings this week. My

Interior Design Ideas for Tweens Bedrooms

Create a trendy teen or tween bedroom by using grey as your accent colour - they will surely love you for a contemporary neutral scheme. So hold back from using it on the walls, especially if you plan to make something else from the room when they flee the nest. Instead, use a fresh and light cream for the walls and get creative with a mixture of bedding essentials in grey and black. Choose dark grey linens as opposed to white, a collection of pillows and cushions in a range of greys that might look like pebbles from the beach and a black and white graphic print duvet cover sets.

Make sure you allow your tween to have their say in the style and design of their room. If you don't want the walls plastered with posters give them cork boards on which they can add their own personal notes and favourite images. Keep the window dressings simple – the less fuss the better perhaps more especially for young boys.

Having grey flooring will complete the look add plain bedroom rugs to add a touch of intimacy without going over the top – plain contrasting colours are a good idea and can be changed whenever the room needs a new lease of life.

Image: My Favourite and My Best (Blog)

Rabu, 20 Oktober 2010

The verdict is in....

Dave and I went to our anatomy ultrasound today and are happy to report (first and foremost) that everything looks great and....that we're expecting a boy in early March! Time to launch the nursery design efforts in earnest.In the meantime though, and (unfortunately) on a more somber note, I ask that you keep my cousin Carol, her husband and their darling daughter in your prayers and thoughts

All Things Bright & Beautiful

Don't let the cold days and the thought of winter dampen your spirits! Brighten your living space with a bright and cheerful colour scheme to beat the winter blue without redecorating. How? - easy add some large floral cushions to your sofa to be right on trend this winter.

Although neutrals are still 'big' this year the injection of bright autumnal oranges and reds is a great way to keep your home looking bright and beautiful right throughout winter and into spring. The trend for hand-made soft furnishings also remains on-trend; simply buy curtain fabrics online and be spoilt with the plethora of super patterns and designs to make your own cheap cushion covers, curtains and blinds.

For a retro look take a step back to the swinging sixties with large psychedelic patterns and bold floral prints in orange, lime green and purple. Choose lime green curtains to add a real pop of colour to your rooms or keep neutral with cream eyelet curtains ready made for a more subdued look.

It may also be time to steer away from the stereotypical Christmas colours and inject colour and a whole new revival of informal chic elegance to your home!

Image: Haven and Home

Selasa, 19 Oktober 2010


You may be thinking that I have a strange facination with Gossip Girl but really I don't.  Okay, maybe a little,  but between the fashion and the interiors it's a no brainer for me.  I think it was last week where I was tuning in on Monday night and saw the most amazing butterfly wall behind Serena's (Blake Lively) bed. I had to do some digging and find out more about it.  I have been searching

Advice for New Moms: My Little Happy Place

This week's advice comes courtesy of Alison G. at My Little Happy Place. Alison is the mother of two darling little girls, Avery and Isla -- and the designer of both of their darling nurseries. I'm particularly loving Alison's advice on what I don't need as a major goal of mine is to not overcrowd my house with unnecessary baby items!* * *I'd like to think I have something to offer a new mom, as

Senin, 18 Oktober 2010

A little retail therapy...

How did I not know Jonathan Adler was coming out with a diffusion line over at HSN?! Mayhap I've been focusing far too much on babies and nurseries over here. In any case, get yourselves over to pronto and check out all the Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler line, which includes plenty of candles, lamps, vases, pillows, throws and other accessories in Adler's signature motifs and bright colors.


So if you read my blog at all then you know how much I adore Sarah Richardson (aka designer extraordinaire).  I knew she and Tommy (aka design sidekick) were coming to the IDSwest and I knew that I had to be there to see them in action.  They mostly answered design questions from the audience and talked about their new shows starting soon on HGTV.  Sarah is working on a new Sarah's House that

Autumn/Winter Interior Design Ideas

It's well known that once the fashion industry shows it's latest season that interior designers will also be guiding us to the latest styles and designs which emulate the catwalks.

This season there appears to be two styles which are 'must haves' in both fashion and interior design.

The first is layering up – which means you can use a whole plethora of windows dressing at the same time if you want to be bang on-trend! Layering window dressings is nothing new – it's been around for some time the big difference this year is the amount of layers you you. Basically the more the better!

Begin with roller blinds fitted within the window casing – if you have problems with privacy Venetian blinds can be used instead. Then have full length curtains hung from either curtain poles or curtain tracks; the next layer is a sheer fabric such as silk curtain fabric or voile curtain fabric. Choose a complimentary colour which allows the alternative coloured curtains to show through and you'll have a trendy window dressing which will also help to insulate your home.

The second aspect is lace – and lots of it! You could return to net curtains as your main staple – however to be on-trend you should choose modern designs, colours and patterns. Again, use lace to layer-up your window dressing. Lace would be an ideal replacement for plain sheer fabrics and will add a touch of rough luxe to your room, especially if you steer away from white and opt for ivory or even black lace!

Image: Belle Maison

Jumat, 15 Oktober 2010

And the winner is...

I'm excited to announce that the winner of Mary McDonald's new design book, Mary McDonald Interiors: The Allure of Style, is Anastasia from Precious and Pink. Many thanks to everyone who entered to win! This weekend, I'm off to entertain the in-laws so I'll see everyone back here next week. Have a wonderful weekend!

Rabu, 13 Oktober 2010

Little Boys' Rooms

Amanda NisbetI thought in many ways it would be more difficult to do a roundup of little boys' rooms that I love as opposed to little girls' (see HERE for last week's installment), but once I got going, I found a ton of wonderfully inspiring spaces that tow the line perfectly between a mother's desire to decorate and a boy's desire to be, well, a boy. As with the girls' rooms, trends did tend to

Maximising Space

In an apartment that just accommodates all of your belongings but with little space to spare, some clever design tips are in order. When choosing furniture for the lounge, do look for slimmer forms that don't bulk out your room near to explosion; plus, a sofa without arms is going to give the impression of more openness. Armless furniture helps a great deal when you want to have a more airy feel in the lounge or dining room should you have one. Furthermore, with the sofa in place you should figure out the best layout for other pieces that make the most of your limited space whilst still allowing for good human traffic. Bring your furniture to the centre of the room as opposed to pushing up against the walls and anchor this zone with a statement floor rug (just don't have too much busy pattern or colour going on).

This moving around actually creates another dilemma for some - those who can't stand to see the back of the sofa and the seemingly wasted floor space. Don't stress; I suggest pushing a console table to the back of the sofa that is both slim and at the ideal height (about a foot lower than the sofa back) - a glass top is particularly good to increase that open feeling. The console table can double up as a decorative piece and a home study/work area with a funky table lamp uk and vase of fresh flowers.

Selasa, 12 Oktober 2010

Advice for New Moms: Maddie G Designs

Today I'm thrilled to welcome Susie from Maddie G. Designs, a great resource for trade-only buying and a wonderfully inspiring blog. I knew Susie would be a wonderful resource for new mom advice (not only does she have a toddler, but she's expecting her second child in just a few short weeks!) and I wasn't disappointed -- this post has me scurrying to my registry to add/change so many things.* *

Senin, 11 Oktober 2010

Book Review -- Mary McDonald Interiors: The Allure of Style

Last week Mary McDonald came out with her first book Mary McDonald Interiors: The Allure of Style. I'm fairly picky about what design books to pick up because, not only can they often be on the pricey side, but they're often just...disappointing. Most interiors books are just picture books for adults -- all style and no substance (and sometimes even the style ain't that great). But, since I've

Kamis, 07 Oktober 2010

Little Girls' Bedrooms

Natasha BaradaranOf course the past few weeks I've been busy collecting inspiration photos of children's rooms. So I thought I might go ahead and post a round-up of some of my favorite rooms: first girls' and then boys' (which, I'll admit, where a lot harder to find!). [Aside: And no, I still don't know what I'm having, but I should when I go to the doctor next on the 20th!] This first room from

Rabu, 06 Oktober 2010

Back To University – Budget Decorating Ideas

Whether you've managed to get a room in the Halls of Residence, a bed-sit or sharing with a friend you'll want to make your living space your home by the trendiest yet cheapest ways possible!

Try to choose furniture with modern, clean lines and neutral colours - choose quality upholstery/materials that have more staying power such as a leather upholstered desk chair. Such items will transition into a multiple of styles when you do decorate your first home.

Accessories are needed in a study/bedroom as the universities rarely offer much more than white walls, a standard single bed, desk and a shelf. When considering décor pieces, imagine what you would like to see in your first apartment - will it be self-graffitied files or sophisticated ones made from leather? Do you want a beautiful house plant or will it be a plant-pot full of loose coins, spare pens and cocktail straws? Coloured glass is a pretty accessory in various forms and is a timeless décor piece. Just remember to take care of your plant with adequate water and light!

Hide a shabby or threadbare carpet with cheap rugs; opt for bright colours and bold patterns to bring a 'zing' into your new 'home'!

Image: a life's design

Selasa, 05 Oktober 2010

Advice for New Moms: What We Eat

I'm excited today to announce the start of Odi et Amo's new fall guest blogger weekly series. This time around, I'm looking for some great advice for new moms (selfish of me, no?). Topics will range from product reviews and suggestions, setting up the nursery, and that sort of indispensable advice that you often only learn by experience. My first guest blogger is Christy, blogger of the food blog

Senin, 04 Oktober 2010

The Erickson Vancouver

These are some preview pictures of a current project I just completed the Interior Design for in the newest luxury development in Vancouver, The Erickson building, situated on the most treasured waterfront location in Vancouver overlooking False Creek. It was designed by the late Arthur Erickson(1924 – 2009), one of the masters architects of our time. 

“Beauty in a home conveys a sense of harmony and wholeness….created with the end experience of the owner in mind”
The Erickson Building Vancouver 
The Erickson Building Vancouver

 Patricia Gray | Interior Design
The Erickson Building Vancouver Dining Room silver leaf ceilings  

Patricia Gray | Interior Design  
The Erickson Building Vancouver
view from living room Patricia Gray Inc. 

Patricia Gray | Interior Design 
The Erickson Building Vancouver looking south across False Creek  
 Patricia Gray |  Interior Design    
The Erickson Building Vancouver looking east across David Lam Park
Patricia Gray |  Interior Design
The Erickson Building Vancouver onyx counter Powder Room

Patricia Gray Inc The Erickson

“Powerful design has a lasting and profound impact on the imagination. 
It sparks change, shapes our world and inspires our future.” 
Bottom Photo Credit: Albarosa Simonetti

PATRICIA GRAY INC is an award winning interior design firm writing about lifestyle and
WHAT'S HOT in the world of interior design, architecture, art and travel.
2011 © Patricia Gray | Interior Design Blog™

Sabtu, 02 Oktober 2010

Eat in kitchens the new trend?

A kitchen island is practical because of storage and more counter surface but the idea of having a casual eat in kitchen is very appealing to me. It reminds me of those great Italian style meals where everyone gathers around a big table in the kitchen and enjoys a feast of good food and wine.  Would you replace your island for this eat in style?  I guess my only complaint would be eating around a

Jumat, 01 Oktober 2010

Halloween Costume High/Low

I love Halloween costumes. And I'll even admit that I love Martha Stewart's fantastical, creative takes on Halloween costumes. The only issue I ever buy of Martha Stewart Living, just to relish in the fantasy that this year I'll craft away my October weekends and throw together one helluva DIY costume.But let's get real. Most weekends it's all I can do to check off the "must do" errands and

Selasa, 28 September 2010

Orange & Aqua Nursery Inspiration

Here are a few images inspiring me today. Clockwise from left: (1) Blueprint's modern baby shower; (2) Amy Atlas's orange & aqua dessert bar; (3) orange staircase from Canadian House & Home; (4) Binth Alphabet poster; (5) Leslie Klotz's serene coastal bedroom (and that awesome quilt); (6) fabrics: Serena & Lily's orange seersucker, Thomas Paul's zinnia in turquoise and Thomas Paul's Aviary in

Senin, 27 September 2010

Homely Creature Comforts - Rugs

Brrr.... the weather has turned a turn for the worst and with summer already feeling like a distant memory in many parts of the UK we brace ourselves for the onset of autumn, gales and flooding.

However, it's not all doom and gloom! This is the time of the year to looking to creature comforts as we get ready to bunker down in front of the fire.

The trend for stripped flooring or laminate flooring has had a marked impact on interior designs over the last few years – due not only for the stylish finish, this type of flooring is practical and hygienic. Further more it's so easy to use rugs to add a touch of homely warmth to a room.

Without having to battle for attention with a patterned carpet rugs are perfect for bring a touch of fresh new colour into a home as well as a comfy place to rest ones feet!

The type of rug you choose is more than personal preference, especially if you're going to pay a lot of money. Today you can find some fabulous Chinese rugs online with gorgeous colours and beautiful patterns. Robust and durable rugs are the ideal creature comfort to bring into your home this winter.

Image: AtticMag

Jumat, 24 September 2010

Orange + Aqua = Love

So in my last post I mentioned in passing that I was really loving orange lately. And I am. In fact, I've been itching to design the nursery in orange and...well, and something. I didn't want to do brown because it's too harvesty. I don't want to do just white because it's too monochromatic and modern for my taste. And then I saw the divine Ms. Tobi Fairley's feature in Traditional Home earlier

Kamis, 23 September 2010

Natalie Umbert makes me happy.

Last week I was flipping through the latest issue of Town and Country and saw this picture included in their feature on up and coming LA designers -- and I stopped dead in my tracks. Now this is the type of room that just makes me happy: bright colors coupled with lots of crisp whites and a great mix of patterns and styles. So of course I had to google the designer behind such a great room and

Selasa, 21 September 2010

Inspired by Palmer Weiss

I love it when I come across a designer who truly inspires me.  Her bold use of colour is absolutely stunning!  courtesy of Palmer Weiss Interior Design

Fresh New Looks For Old Interiors

Home owners planning to decorate can generally be put into two groups - those who really need to update ageing furnishings and those who are just eager for a fresh look. If you have for example a sitting chair in the lounge that is in relatively good condition, but you can't stand the design any more - don't immediately think to throw it out or pass it on. It will cost you far less to buy slip-covers than a new chair. You can choose curtain fabrics online in a colour and pattern that you love which will successfully hide what lies beneath. The same rule can be applied to flooring which can be given rugs to hide stains or take the bare look away.

When you see something that you like - so much that its almost tempting to take out a loan, stop! Think of your bank balance - admire it for a few minutes more and ask yourself what it is you like about it. Could you bring that element into the home another way? Or, could you cheat and find the same look in a cheaper alternative?

You don't have to spend a fortune to get a new look; simply think outside the box and take inspiration from new interior design trends to keep your home looking fresh and new!

Image: AtticMag

Jumat, 17 September 2010

Living Room Interior Design Ideas: Creating Zones

I thought I'd do a little more on creating zones in an open plan living room - or a large living room by giving you a few hints on how to start new interior design ideas.

It could be that you have all your main furniture and are just thinking of ways to arrange it all and make the most of each item. It isn't a bad idea to start with some graph paper and a pencil, downsizing your floor space to fit on your notepad and playing around with the possibilities of floor plans - just focusing on larger pieces to begin with.

Split the main part of your living room into a relaxing area and an entertaining one. The relaxing side may have some extra comfy lounging seats/sofas, a bookshelf, fireplace and small coffee table. Your entertainment half will have more seating, a unit for placing the television,gaming consoles and a clever storage unit with ample lighting provided by an assortment of table lamps UK.

There are some fabulous ideas to take inspiration from; along with colour schemes and how to make the most of what you have by using re-vamping existing soft furnishings by purchasing curtain material online to make cheap cushion covers or Roman blinds. The possibilities are endless if you let your imagination run wild!

Image: belle maison

Kamis, 16 September 2010

Shop Like a Design Blogger: EverythingLEB

It may be hard to believe, but today marks the end of the extended "Shop Like a Design Blogger" guest post series here on Odi et Amo. Every week, I have been continuously amazed at how each and every guest blogger has managed to come up with an incredible (and unique) list of design resources -- and this week proves no exception. Bostonian Lindsay of EverythingLEB proves that while she may be

Rabu, 15 September 2010

Cutest. Gliders. Ever.

Windward Wingback Glider (from $3250)Until very recently (like maybe yesterday) I really hadn't given much thought as to how I'll decorate the nursery. Chalk it up to exhaustion, preoccupation with work or perhaps just procrastination, but the likely truth is that I really couldn't bear the idea of launching into yet another home improvement project right now. But fortunately that's all changed

Selasa, 14 September 2010

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

This song is for a good friend who has just undergone major surgery!
You know who you are...take care and best wishes for a speedy recovery. xoxo

Boho chic

My new obsession.  I've had my eye on it and I can't get it out of my mind!  If I think about enough will my wish come true??  It's very Serena Van Der Woodsen (Gossip Girl). I'll take it in brown and black, thank you very much.J Crew

Guest Post at JourneyChic

Many thanks to everyone for their sweet comments and e-mails; y'all have reminded me exactly what I've been missing the past few weeks as I've been taking a break from the blog. I know I promised to be back in full swing here at Odi et Amo but today you can find me over at JourneyChic blogging about a few of my transitional essentials for this fall. Thanks again Laura for inviting me to guest

Pep Up Your Home With NY Fashion Week!

New York fashion week has seen a plethora of silver and hues of grey fabrics which will undoubtedly influence the interior design scene this autumn and winter. Metallics have already been a large part of this year's interiors along with soft floaty fabrics and sheer voile fabrics for on-trend window dressings, bed canopies and informal room dividers.

Within interior design we are focusing on the use of different textures and how they can be used to bring depth and purposeful meaning to a room. Cushions and throws made with a variety of fabrics, mixed with knits and sequinned detailing are bang on-trend, inexpensive and easy to achieve.

Try taking fashion weeks colour schemes and embedding them into your home with pops of hot pink teamed with cool steel grey or gun metal grey coordinated with yellow accents.

As I mentioned in my last post you don't actually have to wear clothes made from the same fabric as your curtains, however, you and your home will be 'hot to trot' this autumn and winter without having to resort to black and dismal colours which make a room feel uninviting and cold. Embrace the NY fashion trends to pep up a tired and uninspiring living space!

Image: decorology

Minggu, 12 September 2010

My distraction...

As many of you have suspected for weeks now, I am indeed pregnant! As of today, I'm 14 weeks and 5 days along, which means I'm just into the second trimester and due March 8, 2011. This ultrasound was taken two weeks ago at a routine first trimester screening. I'll be back at the doctor's this Wednesday for (yet another) check-up. So far, everything's looking great and I'm feeling good. I feel

Jumat, 10 September 2010

My most recent bedroom project

I am working with a new client who is looking to redo her bedroom.  She already has a beautiful headboard from The Cross as well as some great mirrored side tables.  She is open to all colours so I took inspiration from a yellow and gray pillow she bought recently.  I put together this inspiration board and this is what I came up with.  The feature in the room will be the beautiful Romo wallpaper

Are You Wearing Your Curtains?!

I couldn't help but smile when I saw this image! It reminded me of my mother who used to pass comment 'that looks like she's wearing her mothers curtains! Well, how times have changed and today wearing and being inspired by fabrics is bang on-trend. I was obviously born ahead of my time!

There are some stunning curtain fabrics online witch provide a cornucopia of beautiful patterns, styles and colours to make your own soft furnishings, curtains, blinds, cheap cushion covers and if you so wish a dress or a skirt!

The choice of fabrics is also expanding and today we dress our windows with the finest silk curtain fabric, sheer voile curtain fabric or more traditional damask and jacquard patterns, mixing them together to make fabulous window treatments which enhance the look of the windows and the home.

Thank goodness window treatments are also top of the interior designers agendas, rather than being at the bottom as they were in the past; they have become an integral part of room's design and are no longer looked upon as an after thought.

Image: Belle Maison

Kamis, 09 September 2010

Shop like a Design Blogger: Design Darling

Today I'm thrilled to welcome the fabulous and talented Mackenize from Design Darling. I remember when I first found her blog I was absolutely astounded to learn that Mackenzie was still in college -- indeed, her style is far more sophisticated and refined than her college age status would suggest. And I'll admit that I was just a tad jealous over her fabulous internship this past summer with one

Selasa, 07 September 2010

3 Interior Design Ideas To Ponder

1. Using Patterns:
One style that really comes into its own with pattern would be country - use lots of different patterns but similar colours to tie everything together. Try a pretty gingham, toile fabric and perhaps a larger check in classic blue and white. Use these patterns for bedding, window treatments, wallpaper and even to upholster a sitting chair. Do use large blocks of a single colour (either white or blue) elsewhere in the room such as the headboard and bedside tables.

2. Romantic Bathrooms:
Don't forget the bathroom when you wish to redecorate in a feminine and romantic style. We love the little mosaic tiles that can be used as a back-splash in a mix of shimmery oyster and ivory. For a unique look, take the tiles up the wall with horizontal stripes on a feature wall (white or light grey paint between the stripes). Another wall could be painted in a pastel colour such as a soft lavender or powdery blue. Give it the girlie stamp with hot pink accents - towels, candles, fresh flowers and pink ready made blinds.

3: Using Green:
Green was popular for home decorating long before we even thought about picking up a paintbrush. You might not have seen lime green curtains or bright aqua in the traditional home, but pea greens, hunter greens and a variety of pastel shades have worked well in the past. If you are working with a period home and want to enhance natural features - try adding in a period green! Choose two or three different shades in the lounge with a cream and some antique gold accents. Dark flooring and/or furniture will be this palette and style's perfect partner.

Image: Belle Maison

Minggu, 05 September 2010

Happy to be back

I have been so busy this summer with trips here and there, kids and work that I haven't had the time for anything new or interesting to blog about!!   So in the mean time until my life settles down a little bit and I have my routine back I wanted to share my lovely new Made By Girl print.  Love it, thanks Jen!!

Kamis, 02 September 2010

Are You Following The Mad Men Trend?

This is 1960's retro and vintage home décor inspiration at its best! There is even a pinch of California cool thrown in to the mix for stylish homes and offices. Modern, timeless pieces of furniture and lots of retro prints will help you on your way for this seasons dominating home trend.

Green was a favourite colour in the 60's and rooms became almost mundane and boring! Large table lamps uk where seen in all lounges, along with ready made blinds or ready made curtains as women began to have careers of their own and moved into a faster pace lifestyle rather than stay at home.

Where a lack of brights is the overall picture for home décor in Mad Men, a positive is the choice of clothing for the woman's costume. They bring the punch of brights that the décor is missing - so do use this as inspiration if you want to put in accent brights. Think of peacock blue sofa cushions, a touch of scarlet in the bedroom or a lovely vintage yellow in the kitchen.

Image: Eclectic Interior Design Group Blogspot

Shop Like a Design Blogger: Good Life of Design

This week's guest post comes courtesy of the darling and stylish Kathysue of Good Life of Design. Kathysue is one of those bloggers who just gives you the warm fuzzies. Not only is she full of great ideas for your home, but her plethora of positive energy and kindness always manages to brighten my day.* * *I think shopping like a designer has more to do with How you shop than where you shop. For

Selasa, 31 Agustus 2010

{6} accessories I'm craving this Fall

{L.A.M.B., fall 2010 runway}This fall I'm so inspired by the grown-up take on rock and roll that so many of the designers (like Gwen Stefani, pictured above) displayed on the Fall 2010 runways. It's all leather, plaid, studs and black, but with a more tailored approach that suits someone about to enter her third decade instead of her second. Sentimentally though, the trend appeals to my

Senin, 30 Agustus 2010

Beautiful Bedrooms 2 – The Comfort Zone

We all need a good nights sleep to be able to function properly the following day. Today's bedroom are seeing the removal of high-tech gadgets and moving back to bedroom as being a place for relaxation and sleep rather than being overloaded with plasma TVs, DVD players and built in sound systems.

Black out curtains or blinds can be your saving grace when it comes to sleeping at night. Outdoor street lights or going to bed early in the summer months can make it difficult to rest. You don't have to sacrifice style when using black out curtains or blinds as they come in a wide range of colours and patterns as you would find with normal window treatments. You may also consider layering your window treatments and combining wooden Venetian blinds with curtains for a more luxurious and finished look.

More and more contemporary bedrooms are seen with floor to ceiling wardrobes on one wall as opposed to lots of separate drawers, wardrobes and shelving. With everything tidily and conveniently in one space, there is more room to manoeuvre around and less clutter to have in sight. Built in bed storage has also proved to be a clever system to keeping your belongings neat and out of the way – the 'no clutter rule' applies if you want a relaxed mind which is conducive to sleep.

Image: Small Space Style

Minggu, 29 Agustus 2010

The Great Outdoors

Martha Stewart LivingLate August always has me dreaming of the cooler fall weather to come. By now I've had my fill of long, lazy, sweltering summer days (and nights) and long for the crispness of fall and the holidays to come. Unlike many areas of the country, Houston's best weather is from October through April, and it's during those months that you can find Houstonians enjoying their patios,

Sabtu, 28 Agustus 2010

Beautiful Bright Bedrooms

If we can be honest for a moment, bright colours in the bedroom can't possibly prevent us from having a good night's sleep, if we are happy and comfortable with our choices. This is why it is important to use the colours that you have a natural attraction to - whether it be hot pink or acid yellow. If you are not convinced, stick with neutral walls to begin with and then bring in a cool colour such as blue, green or lavender to window treatments and duvet covers bedding. The third colour will be used as an accent - bright and contrasting to your other colour.

A good example would be a soft cornflower blue that offers a tranquil atmosphere, then given a fun twist by splashing bold orange to pillow covers and lampshades. In the same way, a zesty yellow will pick up lavender and a shot of red can give green a fresh look. It is all about little surprises!

Hot pink is a winning colour in feminine bedrooms. For a crisp and contemporary look, choose a hot pink floor rug under the bed and a unique piece of pink art on the back wall. You could also get a similar look by choosing a headboard in hot pink - try one with a floral pattern and leave the rest of your bedding in pure white or a subtle cream.

Image: A Life's Design

Kamis, 26 Agustus 2010

Shop Like a Design Blogger: Meditations on Life + Style

Today I'm thrilled to welcome Dayka from Mediations on Life + Style. Dayka is an interior design student in Atlanta and her blog is a wonderful and thoughtful collection of ideas gleaned from the classroom and from her own (seemingly bottomless) creativity. I am particularly fond of Dayka's posts on thirfting and repurposing old, inexpensive items to look like something new, fabulous and much,

Selasa, 24 Agustus 2010

Adding Injections Of Colour In Your Lounge

Want to try something new in your lounge and not sure where to start? There are some wonderful interior design ideas which you can use to inject some playful colour into your lounge and it doesn't have to cost a fortune!

For a lounge that receives a lot of natural light, hot pink can be used as the prevailing colour. Paint your walls with the dazzling colour and define it by using fresh white paint for doors, windows and mouldings. Add hot pink curtains to tie in with the colour scheme. Modern white furniture will give the lounge a more edgier and contemporary feel - try a chunky white coffee table to take centre stage and assemble white furniture around it. To ground a very bright room, dark wood flooring and the use of black in accessories will help.

If hot pink isn't your colour choice lime green teamed with aubergine is still a popular colour scheme for modern and contemporary homes. You can simply replace window dressings with lime green curtains and add a mixture of different textures and complimentary colours by using cushions and throws. Ideas like these are easy to achieve and equally as easy to replace if you decide that hot pink or lime green really isn't for you!

Image: belle maison