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Rabu, 27 Mei 2009

Passion - That is the Key

Wolternick 21Wolternick 1
Wolternick 2Wolternick 20 

"Passion - that is the key in Interior / Exterior: the urge to beautify and capture reality and to inspire others."

This is an excerpt taken from the book: INEX by Wolterinck.  It is one of my favourite books as it features the interiors of homes and shows how the surrounding gardens have been designed to compliment the interiors, creating a total lifestyle concept. This concept is especially more relevant at this time of year when the weather is warm and invites us to spend more time outdoors, thereby extending our useable living spaces.  In 1986 Marcel Wolterinck opened a flower shop in the village of Lauren, Holland. His concern for perfection and versatility later resulted in his own furniture range and his passion developed for incorporating the interior of the home with the gardens. 
The above pictures are part of the garden that surrounds an updated 70's house.  Both the garden and the house breathe an Oriental atmosphere.  The garden by the bamboo planting around the house, and a Japanese touch is provided by the oak fence which turns gray when weathered.  The garden fountain is lead produced by W, and the table in the upper left is a work of art in bronze by the Dutch Sculptor, Huub Kortekaas.  The garden chairs are teak and metal.

Wolternick 8Wolternick 5
 Wolternick 7Wolternick 6 

This Provencal Villa (above and below) is situated in St. Tropez. where the emphasis is placed on the exterior life.  This is expressed in an outdoor room and outdoor terraces.  How very pleasant to sit at the large, wooden table with a zinc base underneath the pergola overgrown with Wisteria.  The presence of an outdoor kitchen provides an additional dimension to being outdoors and can be used as an exterior fireplace lit on summer evenings. The planting is a combination of old and new.  An age-old olive tree dominates the view (below) and is surrounded by a row of box trees and a wealth of plants such as Santolina, Pittosporum, Senecio, Helichrysum, Laurus nobilis, lavender, thyme, and Westringia fruticosa, all creating a subtle interplay of greens and grays and a perfect match for the various local types of stone. 

Wolternick 3 

  Wolternick 14Wolternick 16
  Wolternick 15Wolternick 4

Paradise in Algrave: This beautiful villa (above) is located in Portugal.  Wolternick arranged the seating areas surrounding the villa like rooms.  The floor lamps, tables, and chairs with cloth upholstery have been assigned a permanent place in these comfortable outdoor areas.  Taste and rhythm also apply to the exterior kitchen with its fireplace to grill dishes.  Meals can be prepared on the worktop that flanks the fireplace on either side.  At right angles with the fireplace is a bold U-shaped zinc table surrounded by delicate director's chairs.

  Wolternick 12Wolternick 19
  Wolternick 18Wolternick 13

The above photos are part of a 20-hectare estate in Bremen, northwestern Germany.  The 16th century farmhouse on the estate is surrounded by ancient trees and hedges.  The farmhouse court, where horses once stood, was all stone, but was given an intimate character by Wolterinck by means of 60 year old beech hedges, walls, and trained box trees.  The garden has many exotic varieties of plants.  "The people who used to live on estates like these traveled extensively and brought back with them plants from distant places.  This is how many exotic varieties ended up here, like Brugmansia, Hibiscus trees, Agapanthus, lemon trees, figs and PlumbagosIn summer these are put outside in pots, in autumn they find shelter in the orangery". The teak bench from the Lister Collection in the top right picture is in the style of the English Architect, Sir Edwin Lutyens (1869–1944) who collaborated with Gertrude Jekyll the renowned English artist and gardener.

What is your most favourite garden?
What makes a garden special to you?
Please let me know by leaving a comment.

INEX Wolterinck
Photos and excerpts from: INEX Wolterinck
Photography: Sigurd Kranendonk

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architecture, and travel, as well as how your surroundings can influence the world around you.
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Hues Of Yellow And Black Provide A Chic Room Style

What a delight to see beautiful pastel yellow colours complimented by black, it gives a rich gold effect without being over the top and ostentatious. The blend of colours brings a warm and very inviting feel to the room.

Even the simple touches such as the black piping on the cushion covers bring a sense of harmony to the room.

I adore the large mirror which is used to bring the illusion of more light and space into the room. Although there are no patterns as such this makes the focal points even more interesting. The modern table lamps with its trendy glass base and more traditional style of shade brings a delightful and impressive touch of chic style to the room. Even the yellow/gold trim on the little black table is so exacting.

Of course there is not a thing out of place, the books under the table add a real homely touch, while the reflection in the mirror enables the gorgeous floor length pale yellow curtains to be seen. This room offers such a peaceful feeling which could easily be replicated and makes a real change from seeing monotone black with white which seems to dominate many of the latest interior design styles.

With the mix and match of old and new one being one of this seasons interior themes; chic style at affordable prices seems to fit the bill perfectly here. Other great examples of gorgeous inspirational rooms can be found at Delight By Design

Kamis, 21 Mei 2009

Porada Mirrored Bedroom Furniture collection

Italian designers have used mirrors on one of their latest bedroom ranges to reflect the imagery and bounce natural light around the room.

Rather than have the usual small bedside tables the designers have gone large on all aspects of their design by introducing these large table lamps to compliment the room, bring a chic and stylish Parisian feel to the bedroom.

Neutral colour combinations provide a chic and stylish look to the room along with both bedside tables and chest of drawers with beautiful mirrored finishes.

The large bedside table light illuminates the room well and offers sufficient light for those who like to read before sleeping! The modern base style adds the all important finishing touches, along with a plain unpretentious shade.

This neat and stylish look could easily be replicated and for those who like to dabble in re-vamping their furniture could possible achieve a similar effect by using mirror tiles stuck onto the existing bedside table!

Beautiful large table lamps can be found online at very competitive prices to complete your new bedroom look, along with in-vogue stripped or laminate flooring and a stylish neutral rug.

I admit you would have to be pretty arty to achieve a design as stylish as this, but with the recession still hitting hard it may be a great way to update a tired bedroom.

For further great inspirational ideas and further images of the Porada furniture collection visit Freshome

Rabu, 20 Mei 2009

Making Orange Work with Sherwin-Williams Paint

Making Orange Work
 The following is an article I was interviewed for in this month's issue of Sherwin-Williams Stir on how to
successfully incorporate orange walls in your home.

You can successfully incorporate orange walls in your design by choosing the right rooms, complementary colors and accessories.

Orange is a vibrant, happy, social color. An orange wall can bring a dynamic energy to any room. It can simultaneously brighten a space while warming it up. Paired with the right colors and accessories, a large swath of orange can make a room really shine. But orange walls haven’t always been an easy sell to homeowners. An orange wall need not look like a giant homage to the citrus fruit; many different hues of this inviting, invigorating color exist in the paint world. Patricia Gray of Patricia Gray Interior Design in Vancouver, British Columbia, has selected three Sherwin-Williams paint colors that she feels illustrate the diversity of orange:

  • Husky Orange Sherwin-Williams 6636: "Husky Orange features rusty tones with more brown in it, and I find that this color is a lot more acceptable to a broader range of people. It is one of my favorite colors for using in living rooms, libraries and family rooms."
  • Tango Sherwin-Williams 6649: "Tango Orange is what I would call more of a mid-range orange, a current and hip color. I would use it for a focal wall in the living room or dining room; it would also be fun for an entryway."
  • Kumquat Sherwin-Williams 6648: "Kumquat is beautiful because it tends to go into the peach tones, but it’s an upbeat and livelier tone than what we were inundated with in the ’80s. I find that Kumquat is very relaxing and soothing, which makes it ideal for a bedroom, sitting room or anyplace where you want a quieter mood."

Like any dramatic color used abundantly, orange needs its counterparts.
"White or cream help balance the heat of the color,"
Gray says.
"Chocolate browns and charcoal grays are also accents that balance and coordinate nicely."  

Jeffery Bilhuber  Sherwin-Williams Paint Husky Orange 6636
Sherwin-Williams Husky Orange 6636

An example of what might look like on a wall in a living room or family room.
Photo Jeffery Bilhuber

Sherwin Williams Paint Tango Orange Antonia Hutt Sherwin Williams Paint Tango Orange
Sherwin-Williams Tango Orange 6649

An example of what Tango Orange might look like on a wall in a dining room. in a dining room.
Photo Antonia Hutt

Sherwin Williams Paint Kumquat Orange Jennifer Gilmer backpainted glass Sherwin Williams Paint Kumquat Orange
Sherwin-Williams Kumquat Orange 6648

An example of what Kumquat Orange might this color might look like in a kitchen on a backsplash of back painted glass.
The glass gives this color more vibrancy.
Photo Jennifer Gilmer
** Colors may show differently on computer monitors than in real life. I always recommend painting a sample test.

Have you used orange paint in your home?
Do you think that you are likely to use orange in your home in the near future?
If so please let me know about it by leaving a comment.

The Color Orange

Read full article at Sherwin-Williams Stir
Read another article on The Color Orange where I give examples of Benjamin Moore Colors.


Selasa, 19 Mei 2009

Brighten Your Living Space With Fabulous Colour

Make your living space a happy home! By injecting vibrant colours will lift you mood instantly!

Clashes of colour are very trendy at the moment, which is great news for those who struggle to get the right blend of colour schemes which work well.

I just love the orangey-red, it brings a real sense of warmth to the room and coordinates wonderfully with the wood flooring.

Not quite so sure about not having any curtains or blinds at the windows, or maybe they are there and just discreetly hidden!

The apple green chair reminds me of the swivels chairs which were all the rage in the 60s and early 70s. While the orange modern table lamp makes a real visual feature to the room.

Bringing colour into your home also brings colour into your life, it will energise you and make you feel bright and chirpy! Colour therapists will guide you as to which colours will be most apt or following the ideas of feng shui may also inspire you to add colour to your home.

Mixes of old with new is also a very trendy and economical interior design style at the moment, which is great for scouring junk shops for bargain finds, re-covering or painting things to spruce them up!

There’s no need to completely re-vamp a room jus add some wonderful injections of colour with modern table lamps, second hand chairs and a multitude of cushion in complementary colours and a variety of textures to transform your living space into a house of fun!

For further information, image source and great inspirational interior designs visit laissezfairedesign

Kamis, 14 Mei 2009

Inspirational Design Concepts

Take an old concept and transform into a new revelation in your home!

Niches were commonly used in the past to have a bed situated which was then curtained off to give privacy, this was back in the days when families shared a room! This was more commonly used by country folk or those who had limited space. It was also a way to keep warm in the winter!

Having a bed with drapes and curtains was also employed by the wealthy in the form of four poster beds. These had lavish heavy weight curtains to keep the occupants snug and warm.

Many antique beds were specifically designed to fit either into a niche or against a wall. Some of the fabulous wooden bed frames can be found in antique and house clearance warehouses. Look out for the styles which have beautiful carvings on one side, the side which was not pushed up against a wall to give you an indication as to authenticity.

Restored and renovated homes can use this idea and rather than have a bed within a niche use the space to include a bath! Provide privacy, along with a stunning interior design feature, by hanging curtains from a metal curtain poles to create a country cottage look. Use neutral tones for a rustic look which offers a great place to relax and unwind.

A great alternative to an en-suite bathroom and a new twist on an age old way of utilising a niche!

For great inspirational interior design concepts and image source visit Bloomacious

Selasa, 12 Mei 2009

Clever Uses Of Table Lamps

This is a exquisite use of table lamps to light a piece of wall art. The idea of using two contrasting styles of lamps is a great way to add real interest to the area.

The entire shelf, wall art and objects marry together in a beautiful and visually appealing way. The concept of having personal objects used to create places such as these is a perfect way to draw on the natural beauty of each object and yet bringing them together so gracefully.

The light and shadows cast upon the wall art makes it come alive with the 3D visual effects bringing a sense of intrigue.

The use of white and cream to create wonderful living spaces is my humble opinion one of the easiest interior design concepts to inspire and recreate in your own home. If you can’t bear white you could also inject colour by having a similar arrangement in your favourite colour such as Delft blue porcelain pieces.

Collections of personal objects have been included within interiors for hundreds of years, the key point is to make them focal points which draw the eye with visual appeal and intrigue.

Use ideas such as this to show how to off set one piece against the other so that you don’t end up with a jumble and confusion. The difference in styles and height between the lamps are what make this idea work so beautifully! if they were matching the whole affect would be ruined!

For further inspirational design ideas visit Habitually Chic

Jumat, 08 Mei 2009

Hana Stretch -Modern Table Lamps Inspired By Nature

Shige Hasegawa Design in Tokyo have been inspired by nature to create a wonderful coffee table and coordinating lamps. The designers have also been inspired in utilising the art of origami in the construction of the coffee table. It has no bolts or screws, being held together by skilfully interlocking the five plywood flower petals with shaped legs with the glass resting on the top.

The set includes these gorgeous modern table lamps with a simple flower structure to coordinate beautifully with the coffee table.

Hana Stretch (the name Hana means flower in Japanese) is made from stretched white fabric to create a gentle and beautiful lamp to grace interiors with their sleek simplicity, creating wonderful muted lighting effects.

I hope you agree that these beautiful lamps are simply stunning and would look amazing in modern and contemporary interior design styles of homes. Of course being white they would blend effortlessly with any colour scheme. Their natural flower design and non fussy look has such charming appeal!

Grouped together Hana Stretch would make a subtle and gentle alternative to floor lamps. With the two different height lamps emitting subtle diffused light to gently lift quite areas of a living space, including bedrooms, for a superb calming and tranquil atmosphere which is much needed in many people’s lives and their homes.

For further information and image source visit freshome

Kamis, 07 Mei 2009

These Colors Make Me Happy


The hand painted burnished red on my Hermes cups


My favourite orange T on the weekend

Venice Day 1 008

A clear blue sky on a warm day when I am on vacation

via Life in a Venti Cup

The creme on my morning espresso

photo by Tria Giovan

Live green branches against a white wall

Isle de France Saint Barths

All white bathrooms

Look around you and notice what colors make you happy
and please leave a comment and let me know.

Patricia Gray writes about 'WHAT'S HOT 'in the world of Interior Design, new and emerging trends, modern design,
architecture, and travel, as well as how your surroundings can influence the world around you.
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Rabu, 06 Mei 2009

Beautiful Bay Window Dressings

I simply adore bay windows and know they are notoriously difficult to dress! In the past these beautiful large windows were usually hidden behind swathes of heavy curtains and whilst this is fine for traditional styled homes, those fortunate to have an older style home to renovate can strip away tradition along with layers of dark varnish and bring a wealth of natural light into the room.

White is the ideal colour to make a room look crisp, clean and modern. It is also a great neutral colour which can provide the opportunity to inject colour in subtle ways through the clever integration of soft furnishings and floor coverings.

Soft white leather sofas and chairs provide chic elegance which can have a multitude of cushions placed onto them to bring colour into a room.

Flooring is another great way to include colour. Gorgeous modern designs which have soft colours can transform the look of a room as well as offering a soft, warm touch and feel to a room.

Keep things simple so that accent pieces are not detracted from. Clutter free is a must along with beautiful and unusual lighting. High ceilings lend themselves brilliantly to modern chandelier deigns to add a touch of understated elegance.

Beautiful light weight voile curtains are the perfect way to let a multitude of natural light into the room. They also enable the window’s beauty to be realised to the full with distraction and over fussiness.

Opt for full length curtains to enable the whole window to be covered as well as offering a soft and gentle window treatment which adds elegance to the room. Bay window curtain poles are a great modern alternative to more traditional styles of curtain tracking however, the style you choose should be in keeping with the overall interior design style of the room.

Image: 2Modern Design Talk