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Kamis, 27 November 2008

My Favourite Curves

My favourite curved backyard.............


My favourite curved staircase

Comtemporary StairCase


My favourite curved chair

womb chair

My favourite curved ceiling detail


My favourite curved Banquette
Patricia Gray Inc

My favourite curved mirror

elle decor judy naftulin


My favourite curved headboard


My favourite curved sofa


My favourite curved back dining room chairs


My favourite curved fireplace sculpture

bd dash design co dk

My favourite curved driveway

house beautiful

My favourite curved garden



My favourite curved bench by Qerat 
The "C" bench natural wenge and linen
Patricia Gray Inc


PATRICIA GRAY INC is an award winning interior design firm writing about lifestyle and
WHAT'S HOT in the world of interior design, architecture, art and travel.
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Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing all my American friends a Happy Thanksgiving


Patricia Gray writes about Interior Design inspirations, emerging trends, and the world of Design. 
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Fun and Funky ‘Frilly’ Chair

Making its debut at the Milan design Festival earlier this year 'frilly' chair by Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola is fun and funky!

I love the vibrant transparent colours of these polycarbonate chairs. Due to the material used they can be used both inside and outside. What a great way to brighten up an outside seating area or add a touch of vibrancy to a room!

With the moulded curve in the back rest 'Frilly' chairs look remarkably comfortable. These are a great alternative to the mundane plastic chairs seen on many patios and decking areas. Being made from polycarbonate they will be easy to keep pristine looking throughout the summer season. When it's too cold to sit outside the chairs can be used inside. Being water resistant makes them suitable for use in rooms with humid atmospheres like a bath or shower room. Alternatively they would provide a trendy injection of colour in a bedroom. With a wide range of colours available there is a chair to suit all interior decors and colour schemes.

Patricia Urquiola wanted to create a practical chair which gave a pleated fabric look to her high backed chairs, which I think she has achieved superbly.

My favourite colour is the vivid cerise pink, which I would chose for a trendy yet feminine teenager's bedroom.

Due to the transparency of the polycarbonate, placing the 'Frilly' chair near a window or light source I'm sure would produce some fantastic visual effects.

To find out more about Patricia Urquiola and her designs visit

Image source:

Selasa, 25 November 2008

Curvaceous Perillo Lounge Chair

The curvaceous flowing integral seat, arm rests and back of this beautiful chair is extremely visually appealing to me. With no harsh edges or straight lines the continuous fluid movement of the seamless design offers a stunning piece of contemporary furniture.

I love the contrast between the grained wood and the plain inner surface. I just want to run my hands over this lounge chair and enjoy the smooth sensuous surface!

This may sound strange but I also look at this chair and can’t help think of how hygienic looking it is. There is no where for dirt or grime to accumulate or hide! A practical as well as functional lounge chair that would look great in both contemporary homes or informal seating in office foyers and public places.

German designer Martin Ballandat has created the Perillo lounge chair for the Swiss based company Zuco Burositzmobel. Ballendat says “The main objective when developing the product was to create a piece of furniture which is also a true showpiece. In a world which is geared towards efficiency and economy, ‘Perillo’ offers a welcome and exciting contrast when compared to the sterile linearity of many modern buildings.”

In my opinion Ballendat has surpassed his main design objective, Perillo really is a true showpiece of exciting contemporary furniture.

Ballendat set up his own design office “Design Ballendat” in 1995. Visit to see more of his wonderful designs and information regarding the numerous design awards he has achieved to date.

Image source:

Senin, 24 November 2008

A Haven for Peace and Relaxation

I just love this shower unit ! Spacious and light with more than enough room for two!
The shower unit Sensmare was designed by Professor Gunter Horntrich and is one of the new lines added to the Hoesch range.

The shower unit’s glass is made from patented Hoesch Everclean glass, which is resistant to both lime scale deposits and water marks forming. Great for keeping the shower looking beautifully clean and shiny with little effort. My kind of practical shower!

The slatted seating and standing area are made from durable African wood. Being able to flip them up individually offers great different variations when or if you want to share your shower time! With a row of water jets located at the far side of each seat this shower is an ideal space to sit, relax and chat.

In recent years showers have become sanctuaries for relaxation and de-stressing after a long day or as an instant refreshing wake up at the start of the day. Those who prefer not to wallow in a bath will love this shower unit with its subtle coloured integral lighting.

I love the unobstructed glass panels, low shower tray to step into and the generous amount of space Sensmare offers. A far cry from trying to squeeze into tiny shower cubicles of the past especially if you wanted to share your shower time!

Hoesch designs are all about providing havens to promote well being and inner peace.
Sensmare shower unit certainly offers those qualities for me.

Image source:

Minggu, 23 November 2008

What's Hot - McGuire Furniture

 Classic McGuire Circa 1973
Classic McGuire Circa 1973

McGuire Furniture is celebrating it's 60th Birthday and they have just introduced a new collection of furniture for the Kitchen.  For those of you who aren't familiar with this Company, it was founded in 1948 in San Francisco by John and Elinor McGuire. When I was in Design School I will never forget rendering McGuire's glass topped octagonal black bamboo table surrounded by Cane chairs.  You can never go wrong with purchasing McGuire.  It is a time tested and proven classic, as I am sure their new Kitchen Series will be, for generations to come. 

McGuire glass topped Octagonal Black Bamboo Table Circa 1985

McGuire glass topped Octagonal Black Bamboo Table Circa 1985 

McGuire Kitchen Chairs
New Kitchen line Circa 2008

McGuire Kitchen ChairsMcGuire Danish Kitchen Chairs

Slatted Chair in Walnut or Oak                                        Danish Chair 

McGuire Woven Shelter Kitchen Chairs  McGuire Woven Shelter Kitchen Chairs

Woven shelter chair or barstool                       

McGuire Walnut Swivel Counter Stool

Walnut Swivel Counter Stool

McGuire Chaparral Table McGuire  Heritage Table

Chaparral Table                                                                 Heritage Table

PATRICIA GRAY INC is an award winning interior design firm writing about lifestyle and
WHAT'S HOT in the world of interior design, architecture, art and travel.
2011 © Patricia Gray | Interior Design Blog™

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Jumat, 21 November 2008

Funhouse Mirrors

Using mirrors as an integral part of an interior design provides far more than merely the opportunity of making a room appear much larger. By selecting a wall which enables natural light to reflect back into a room via a mirror creates a whole host of different lighting effects and illusions.

Probably the most traditional place for a wall mirror to be hung in a lounge is over the fireplace as this was generally opposite a window enabling a person’s reflection to be seen easily. However, since many modern homes no longer have a fire place experimentation when placing a wall mirror is far more widely acceptable and in my opinion should be actively encouraged!

Break with tradition and place a mirror at a practical height to allow the maximum amount of light to reflect and bounce back into the room. Hemlock Designs have created a Funhouse Mirrors Series to further break with traditions of using mirrors purely as an object to glance at one’s appearance. Their mirrors are used to enhance a room’s interior style in a contemporary way.

I adore this mirror, the different angles of the three dimensional glass-mirror tile pieces enables various parts of the room to be seen at the same time. No place for untidiness! The multifaceted mirror tiles appear to change depending on the amount of movement within the room.

The effects of light or rays of sunshine hitting different aspects of the strategically hand placed angled mirror tiles is almost mesmerising. A fantastic focal point in a room which rarely displays the same visual effect twice.

For further information of Funhouse Mirror Series visit

Image source:

Selasa, 18 November 2008

Santa Baby - Get a Head Start on Christmas

Good Books Make Great Gifts

A brand new book is slated to hit the bookstores just in time for Christmas - The Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging
with a Section titled: THE BLOG REVOLUTION IS HERE! (but we know that already)

This book refers to Blogging as "the advent of a new form of human communication - one that is more
interactive, more democratic, and just more FUN than what has come before."
  But we all know that 
Blogging and Blog Surfing is  fast, interactive, and totally cool.....and I will add that it is also extremely
informative.  News, Ideas and inspirations take mere seconds to share. And to prove that Blogging travels
at the speed of lightening Liberty Post has also just talked about this book on her Blog.


Patricia Gray writes about Interior Design inspirations, emerging trends, and the world of Design. 
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Senin, 17 November 2008

Feeling Cold?

Frosty mornings and chilly evenings means we are turning up the heating to keep ourselves and our houses warm. To see ‘warmth’ has a physiological affect on us all to some extent, ‘see a fire and feel warm type of approach‘.

If you chose not to use a cosy traditional open fire to create a warm glow to a room and still want an interesting source of heat to look at then these stylish and unusual radiators may be just the thing!

This new look for radiators has been produced by Bumrae Jo and Zemzem Kaya. The concept behind their design was to look at heat and see what it means to people’s lives.
‘The warmness of the home is creating space for our personal development, a shelter to grow, to unfold and to ‘flower’. It’s like an incubator, like a NEST where new life has its origin‘.

The nest within the ‘tree’ not only adds a quirky interest and source of fascination, the ‘incubating egg’ acts as a humidifier for the room.

The design is called “Bezpieczenstwo - Feeling secure”. I’m not sure that a radiator makes me feel secure, but I have to say it makes a real and pleasant change from the normal boring white radiators found in most people’s homes. A definite alternative to MDF ‘fret work’ style covers or attempts to paint radiators in order to try and some how disguise them!

The design works on a similar principle to having a ‘cover’ for a radiator, the difference being the pipe work which is used for the ‘nest’ section. The front panel is used to cover the entire body of the radiator and nest.

Colour choices are available; white with a vivid red tree design or my preference which is the more subtle colours of creams and beiges which make the design more adaptable for different room colour designs in my opinion.

Image source and more information can be found at

Sabtu, 15 November 2008

Leonard Cohen in Vancouver


I got an invitation this week for an exclusive showing of the artwork of the  legendary Canadian singer Leonard Cohen.  I did not know that Leonard Cohen was also an artist, and when I viewed his artwork I discovered that he draws and paints in the same poetic way as he sings. I quite like his bold, free, and graphic approach, and his wit certainly does shines through. For those of you who haven't heard of him, his first album - Songs of Leonard Cohen was released in 1967 with songs like: “Suzanne,” “Sisters of Mercy,” “So Long, Marianne” and “Hey, That’s No Way to Say Good Bye,” all now longstanding classics.  You can listen to a YouTube of his song "Suzanne" here. I remember this particular song from my teen years and wanting to learn to play the guitar and sing other songs of the time like Mockingbird by Carly Simon and James Taylor. (Yikes I'm dating myself)

Leonard's son, Adam Cohen, a renowned musician in his own right will launch the exhibition and sale of the 37 pieces that make up “Leonard Cohen: Artworks,” starting Dec. 3rd until Dec. 31 at LINDA LANDO FINE ART.

Full Press Release here

image image

image image

Patricia Gray writes about Interior Design inspirations, emerging trends, and the world of Design. 
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Jumat, 14 November 2008

'Barca' Lounge-chair

One of the two winners of the prestigious ‘Gold Leaf’ honour at the International Furniture Design Awards in Japan, this ash ‘Barca’ lounge-chair was designed and made by Jakob Joergensen.

Jakob is a design student at the Designskole in Copenhagen. One of the Award judges made a comment that said the piece reminded him/her of a Viking ship when viewed from a certain angle, ‘Barca’ means ‘ship’ in Spanish so the chair has been aptly named by Jakob and well spotted by the judge!

The piece was made by sliding the identical ash boards around to form this semi-spherical beautiful shape. I’m not sure how comfortable or practical its use as a lounge-chair would be, however the ship like appearance certainly has great visual impact and makes for a delightful piece of sculptural art that would look very at home in a large light airy room like a conservatory.

Equally the piece would provide interest on an outdoor decking or grassed area, although I’m not sure it has been made to withstand outside weather conditions. As Jakob is still a design student practicalities of use may not be foremost in the mind at present. Good designs do not always have to be practical though, do they?

The curved interior shape would be ideal to place a blanket on and lay a baby inside, somehow the chair reminds me of those wonderful baby photographs by Alison Geddes. Actually to answer my own earlier query, curled up in this lounge-chair would probably provide a wonderful sense of security.

Materials: Steel, Ash.
Dimensions: W 1,200 x D800 x H250

Image source:

Kamis, 13 November 2008

Pen Lamps

How amazing is this lampshade? My love of recycling everyday objects into interesting and useable objects has been ignited with this ingenious lampshade made from black biro pens.

I love the contemporary and stylish look it provides. It appears the pens are carefully suspended by there covers by thin pieces of metal at equidistant spaces which sway and move gently, similar to a glass or crystal chandelier.

The simplicity of such great design concept is great. Circular shaping offers the opportunity of this shade to fit onto a number of different lamp bases, with possibilities different sizes, including floor lamps. Red and black pens have also been utilised into variations of the lampshade, designed by the Madrid based design studio enPieza.

Yellow Bic pen casings with black lids offer a delightful orange glow and a gentle diffused light effect in both the single and four tied chandelier shades available. I assume pens of any colour could be used just as successfully. Original coordinating coloured end caps add to the overall visual effect beautifully.

This lampshade is stylish and very functional in my opinion. The transparent casing reflects the light beautifully and although these pens to appear to be full of ink I can see no reason why old used pens cannot be successfully substituted, as long as they haven’t been thrown around and scratched or the end caps chewed! Ink at various levels may add an interesting option, a great way to recycle pens in a positive and practical way!

Image source:

Rabu, 12 November 2008

Today I am Loving....

image This beautiful and classic wall sconce designed by John Saladino.



The Soho wall-mounted fireplace that uses natural gas or propane. It measures
33" h by 33" w by a mere 12" deep, which has to be one of the shallowest fireboxes
on the market. I would Install it on a wall, just like a piece of modern art. It has a brushed
nickel front.


Miele's new Clean Touch Steel finish which protects against smudges and scratches with a
thin layer of glass coating the stainless steel. It debuts in December on G series
dishwashers.  Now that is some cutting edge technology that
will be appreciated!

Patricia Gray writes about Interior Design inspirations, emerging trends, and the world of Design. 
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You can Colour on the Wallpaper!

In need of a therapeutic wind down and relaxation? Why not make use of your hidden artistic talents and spend the winter evenings colouring in your own wallpaper!

I just adore the thinking behind this colour in wall paper. Initially I thought great for keeping the kids occupied and to stop them drawing on the walls ‘accidentally’, now I’m thinking hang on a mo I like to do that too!

It may take a lot of dedication and patience to complete an entire wall but the end result would provide a true sense of achievement. The great thing about this wallpaper is that there are no set colour patterns, unlike the ‘paint by numbers’ picture sets you can buy which dictate where each colour should go. With this you can please yourself, and chose whatever colour mood you are in!

Something initially told me it would look great with just two tones, but on reflection I think random colouring is the best approach. This also reminds me of colouring Mandala used to help prayer and healing, although Mandala are circular the concept of using the wallpaper as a form of relaxation and mind balancing therapy definitely appeals to me, as does the childhood urge to colour the wallpaper without being told off!
I’m not sure I would want this wallpaper in a main room, but I definitely feel it would look great in a child’s bedroom or playroom. Family bonding opportunities here I think!

The wallpaper is designed by Jon Bergerman.


Selasa, 11 November 2008


From Sea-Urchins to Barnacles! My love of natural and reclaimed materials is captured in this chair, leaning post beautifully.

The chair is made from sustainable ash and reclaimed industrial felt, designed by Ania Wagner who likes to ‘work with local materials the designed to create minimal material waste’.

The chair has two functions, the felt lined bucket style seat which can simply be flipped over to provide a great leaning space! Ideal for chilling out in a variety of ways. The beauty of the light ash with its ‘fringed’ style end adds a touch of visual impact in an understated way. The colour of the reclaimed felt is pleasantly neutral which makes a real change from bright vibrant colours or garish patterns.

There is no right or wrong way up for this piece of contemporary furniture, simply flip it or move it, sit back and relax. I can image this piece being a firm favourite with young people, from toddlers to teenagers. A real piece of ‘me’ furniture when you need to be left alone or a great communal sharing space. I also think young children would find a lot of other role play purposes for this chair, a great boat, or space ship!

Chill out and watch TV with a bucket of popcorn by your side, a book and a mug of cocoa the choices are endless! I think this chair would fit perfectly in a lounge or bedroom and makes a stylish change from the ‘classical’ beanbag for resting on, far more neat and tidy in my opinion!

Image source:

Senin, 10 November 2008

Sea-Urchin Chair

I just love this amazing suspended Sea-Urchin lounge chair! This brings back memories of the large circular suspended chairs of the 60s with a real modern and trendy twist which is not only fun to look at but actually looks very comfortable to use. I can image sitting and contemplating new designs ideas or simply wiling away the time reading in my own space, gently swaying to and fro, free from floor clutter without interruption, what bliss!

The chair is made with a RVS-frame which has been covered with some 8000 black cable ties! The chair is part of a collection of handmade products by Studio OOOMS run by Guido Ooms and Karin van Lieshout, who not only design but also give lectures and workshops around the world to inspire students or employees on different creative themes. Guido and Karin describe themselves as ‘working as designers as well as inventors, not minding to get their hands dirty‘.

The relative simplicity of the finished design is an innovative and effective way to use an everyday object successfully. I assume that any colour of cable tie could be used to create different effects, however, the black is perfect for me, looking great with any colour scheme in a room and ideal for a minimalist look.
The aptly named Sea-Urchin lounge chair really does resemble a sea urchin with its spiny outer shell and soft interior, oceanic blue/green walls would also do justice to this delightful piece of furniture in a contemporary home.


Jumat, 07 November 2008

Tank Collection

Designed by Peter Petersen, the mastermind behind the Swedish design company Signalement, these shelves offer a crisp clean appearance which would enhance any contemporary home or office space effectively. The Tank Collection comprises of a series of different pieces of furniture all made from MDF or fibreglass.

I particularly like the shelves for their simplicity and practicality. The open frame and deep shelves provide an airy and spatial feel which are just crying out to have beautiful objects displayed on them. The high lustre varnish finish captures the light wonderfully on the colour variations, although I personally prefer the white version the black is equally elegant and the yellow is really funky.

Petersen’s main focus is designing brochure and information stands, however, the Tank Collection shows his abilities to use simplistic forms and transform them into very useable furniture. The Collection also includes an open garment stand which is available in white MDF with a high lustre finish, ideal for hanging jackets and coats in an office area. A white height adjustable desk with three slim line drawers, each with a cool yellow interior. The coffee table made from fibreglass would make an impressive statement in an office foyer or private space, as well as looking very striking within a trendy home environment. All of the pieces have the same beautiful soft curvaceous lines and elegant style, providing a smooth look which is extremely pleasing to the eye.

Sales in the UK can be made via Scandia at
Image source:

Kamis, 06 November 2008

Blooming Marvellous

Korean designer Jin-Young Lee has created this stylish and very practical piece of contemporary furniture Da-Bloom. The concept of the design is based on a blooming flower, hence the name I assume, which can be easily customised to individual needs and preferences with a few simple twists and turns of the ‘petals’.

Made from plywood and plastic this modern design is a great spacer saver, with adults or children sitting on one ‘petal’ and using the next slightly higher ‘petal’ as a table. By filling the conical shaped base with water stability is provided, the next ‘petal’ and spacers lock onto each other to build a table with integral seating and work space for three or more children. The top of the central cone is hollowed, providing a space for pencils and writing implements. Da-Bloom also offers easy storage when not in use, the ‘petals’ simply all twist round to fit underneath each other.

I think this piece of furniture would work extremely well in children’s nurseries or schools, providing informal seating as well as a great place to let children’s imaginations run wild turning it into dens, buses and other role play themes, great for encouraging participation for singing and music, the options are endless in my opinion! Alternatively waiting rooms in doctors and dentists would look great with this style of modern furniture. At home this practical furniture would make a super informal eating area!

If white and natural coloured plywood is not to your liking Da-Bloom can be custom made in a variety of different colours to suit interior design colour schemes.

Image source:

Rabu, 05 November 2008

The Divine Law of the Great Chair


The excerpt below is from a wonderful Blog by Carrie and Danielle. It totally ties into my love for chairs and also the spiritual aspect of surrounding yourself in your homes with things that you love. Carrie and Danielle are also authors of the best selling book: Style Statement: Live by your own Design


Here’s a radical notion: what if you really liked, even outright adored every material thing in your own life? What if the quality, shape, color, function, and feel of the things you owned gave you satisfaction, pride, and delight?

Enter, The Divine Law of The Great Chair.
When you let go of things you don’t love, you create space for things that you do love to show up. EVEN IF: it’s “useful”, it’s filling an “empty” place, it was a gift, it was inherited, expensive, imported, exotic, or you truly loved it once upon a time -– if you don’t like something in your space, it’s dragging you down. This isn’t about old, or new, or what you can afford – this is about how STUFF makes you FEEL.

THIS WEEK: Identify the “old chair(s)” in your life that you’re making do with, and get rid of it. You may have to sit on floor cushions for while, but you’ll be dwelling in possibility – instead of compromise and regret.

B B Italia MaxAltowolf19.5 W 19.5 D 43 H 20 SH 19.5 SD

bertoia_ Andrew Martin saturn acrylicPhilippe Starch Ghost Chair1jpg

Womb Chair Eero Saarinen 1948 designwithinreach image image

barbara barry for bakerThomas flexform citterio clip_image001

image thomas pheasant for baker

image blanchard uk com edward chair image

chapmanradcliffbaker_chippendale image

Top: Thomas Pheasant
Top Row: B & B Italia, Vicente Wolf, unknown
Second Row: Bertoria Chair, Andrew Martin, Ghost Chair
Third Row: Knoll Eero Saarinen Womb Chair, Knoll Brno Chair, Knoll Warren Platner Chair
Fourth Row: Barbara Barry, B & B Italia, Barbara Barry
Fifth Row: Madeline Stuart, Thomas Pheasant for Baker
Sixth Row: All Oly
Seventh Row: Oly, Blanchard UK, John Saladino
Eighth Row: Chapman Radcliff, Baker, Jayson Home
Excerpt above from Carrie and Danielle The Divine Law of the Great Chair

Patricia Gray writes about Interior Design inspirations, emerging trends, and the world of Design.
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